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PCK Series Sand Making Machine




Application areas:Single rotor reversible sand making machine is widely used in the crushing and sand making of materials in mining, quarries, building materials, commercial mixing stations and other fields.
Applicable materials:The single-rotor reversible sand making machine integrates the advantages of hammer crusher and impact crusher, and is suitable for crushing and making sand making operations of limestone, gangue, shale and other raw materials.


The PCK series single rotor reversible sand machine is the performance advantages of the comprehensive reversible hammer crusher and the dual -rotor sand making machine, and it is developed by the market and customer needs,the gravel aggregate produced by it is more suitable for the requirements of industries such as mines, quarry, and concrete mixing stations.


Efficient and durable

Plum blossom rotor, diamond-shaped hammer plate structure, more effective in crushing, grinding and sand making;the rotor is equipped with a high manganese and high chromium protective cover, which increases the lifespan by 30%;the hammer shaft hole is equipped with a tungsten alloy steel sleeve, which is more wear-resistant and impact-resistant.

Energy saving and low consumption

The hammer head is reversible, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the hammer head;the structure is simple and practical, and the failure rate is lower. Compared with the double-rotor sand making machine, the power consumption of the same output is lower.

Convenient maintenance

Equipped with an observation door, you can observe the internal conditions of the machine at any time, and the maintenance is more convenient; The grain shape of the finished product is full cube, the grain is round, and the gradation is continuous.

Customized on demand

THE grate bar can be customized according to needs, grate bar with round holes and long bar can choose;the gap between the grate bar and the hammer head can be adjusted flexibly, which fully ensures the crushing efficiency of the hammer head。


PCK Series Sand Making Machine WORKING PRINCIPLE
The motor drives through the belt to drive the rotation of the rotor, and the rotation of the rotor drives the plate hammer on the rotor high -speed rotation, the materials that hit the crushing area were crushed and crushed by the plate hammer.



Rotor diameter*length


Feeding port size width*length


Motor power




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