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XGN-T Series Wheel Type Mobile Crusher




Application areas:Tire type mobile crushing stations are widely used in construction sites, sand and gravel plants, mines, highways and other fields that require transition operations.
Applicable materials:Tire type mobile crushing station is a mobile crushing station that can be broken into shape at one time. It is suitable for mobile crushing operations of construction waste, limestone and other materials.


The XGN-T series tire mobile crushing station is a mobile crushing station that can be shattered formed through technological improvement on the basis of traditional mobile breaking. It has the advantage of fast production and short return cycles, It is an ideal choice for solid waste treatment and small aggregate investment.


Flexible transition

The tire-type crushing station has a short length, a short wheelbase, and a small turning radius, allowing it to drive flexibly on ordinary roads and work areas:

All -in -one crew

The integrated production line effectively eliminates tedious installation operations, reduces stop time, and a reasonable space layout improves the flexibility of the venue station.

One break

Limestone is crushed, the alternative jaw breaks+counterattack breaks, one crushing molding, the output granules are not affected; diversified equipment configuration meets the requirements of different crushing processes.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

75 cm large into the material, the output can reach 320 tons; the on -site processing materials can be directly processed to effectively reduce transportation costs.


XGN-T Series Wheel Type Mobile Crusher WORKING PRINCIPLE
Use the tire chassis and the universal traction wheel as a movement method to obtain the power through the generator set, in the production process, after the coordination of various materials, crushing, and screening equipment, after the stone that meets the granular requirements enters the crusher, the equipment in the machine implements a series of crushing treatment, after that, the qualified stone enters the processed processing process. The product of the qualified stone can be discharged by the discharge device, and those who do not meet the standard will return to the processing processing.


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