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What are the machines that can crush stones into sand? How much?

Release time:Mar.29.2024 Views:0

What are the machines that can crush stones into sand?

01、Double roller sand making machine:

The roller sand making machine is mainly composed of rollers, roller support bearings, driving devices and adjusting devices. The material is mainly crushed through the adjustment device between the roller and the driver. It is suitable for medium and fine crushing of ores and rocks with medium hardness and below. Compared with other sand making machines, it consumes less and has better sand particles. However, because its output is not high, it is mostly used in some small and medium-sized sand and gravel plants.


Roller sand making machine

02、 hammer sand making machine:

The main working principle of the hammer sand making machine is to use a rotor with a hammer head to impact, grind, crush, etc. the stone. The entire sand making process is very smooth, the material discharge is stable, and the production capacity is guaranteed; it is widely used in sand making, mineral processing, Cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other fields.


Hammer crushing sand making machine

03、Impact sand making machine:

The output of the impact sand making machine can reach 20-650 tons per hour, which can meet the output requirements of most users. It has introduced foreign advanced technology and improved it based on domestic production needs. It has strong processing capacity and a wide range of applicable materials. It can process both low-hardness and high-hardness materials. It also has a shaping function and has less dust during production. It has low noise, wear-resistant body and durability.

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Impact sand making machine

04、Mobile sand making machine:

The main difference between the mobile sand making machine and the fixed sand making machine is that it can move freely and is not restricted by the site and environment. At the same time, according to production needs, sand making equipment such as sand making machines, fine crushers, and hammer crushers can be configured to make sand making production more efficient and allow users to recover costs faster.


Mobile sand making machine

How much does a stone and sand crushing machine cost?


It’s up to you which device you choose!

The starting price of roller sand making machine and hammer sand making machine is around 10,000;

The starting price of an impact sand making machine is around 50,000;

The starting price of a mobile sand making machine is around 300,000.