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What equipment is best for breaking large rocks? What's the price

Release time:Mar.26.2024 Views:0

What should I do if the rough stone is too big to fit into the crusher? What equipment is best for breaking large rocks? Don’t worry, with a large-diameter jaw crusher, that’s not a problem! The detailed introduction of this large-diameter jaw crusher is as follows:


Large diameter jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is used to break large stones, which is simple to operate and gets twice the result with half the effort.

Known as the "Tiger's Mouth", the jaw crusher has a very wide audience. It can eat large stones and spit out small stones. It is a crushing machinery and equipment specially used to process large stones; the diameter of its feed opening is very large. It is large and can accommodate stone raw materials of about 1200mm. Its structure is simple and the finished product has uniform particle size. It is suitable for crushing operations of various materials. It has high crushing efficiency and large output. It can produce 1-2200 tons of high-quality sand and gravel in one hour. The particle size of the finished material can be adjusted to meet different needs. It occupies a small area and saves a lot of site costs. However, because its output does not meet the standards of 12, 13, and 05 stone particle sizes, it is usually used in the coarse crushing process in large and medium-sized sand and gravel plants, mostly with secondary crushing such as impact crushers and cone crushers. Machinery and equipment are used together to complete the production and preparation of high-quality sand and gravel aggregates.


Jaw crusher stone processing customer site

Feed size: ≤630mm

Processing capacity: 200t/h

Finished product specifications: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-40mm

Equipment configuration: raw material warehouse, ZSW490×110 vibrating feeder, HD98 jaw crusher, HXCS430 cone crusher, 4YK2460 vibrating screen, several conveyors


This production line crushes granite, which has high hardness, so a cone crusher is used as a secondary crushing equipment. The granite particle size does not exceed 630mm, and it needs to be coarsely crushed with a jaw crusher first. The production efficiency is high, the finished material specifications are diverse, the operating cost is low, and the comprehensive benefits are good.

How much does a stone jaw crusher cost?

The jaw crusher is a relatively traditional old-fashioned stone crushing machinery, so in terms of price, it is much cheaper than the new models. As for the actual price of one, how much is it? It also depends on which model you choose? Which brand to choose? After all, different models and sizes have different workmanship costs, and they also involve different brands, so there will definitely be differences.