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Which is better, hammer crushing or impact crushing?

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Impact crusher and hammer crusher are the main equipment in mining. They both use the impact principle to crush materials. Although from the appearance point of view, hammer crushers and impact crushers are somewhat similar, there are essential differences between the two. So which one is better for gravel production, hammer crushers or impact crushers? Here are the answers for you:


impact crusher


hammer crusher

What is the difference between hammer breaking and counterattack breaking

This article mainly introduces the differences between hammer breaking and counterattack breaking from several aspects such as structure, application, and effect.

01、Differences in structure:

Hammer crusher: Mainly composed of machine body, transmission device, rotor, etc. The transmission device includes a V-belt, a winding motor and a pulley; the rotor with the hammer head is a component of the hammer crusher, and there is a layer of material on its surface to avoid excessive wear of the rotor.

Impact crushing: The impact crusher is mainly composed of a frame, transmission mechanism, impact plate and rotor. The frame is divided into upper and lower parts, connected by bolts in the middle; the impact plate is suspended inside the crushing chamber; the plate hammer on the rotor It is its main wearing part, most of which adopt overall cast steel structure.

02、Differences in scope of application:

Hammer crushing: It is mainly suitable for coarse and fine crushing of materials with compressive strength within 200 MPa, such as limestone, gypsum, bricks, slag, coal gangue, salt, chalk and other materials. It can directly crush materials with a large particle size of 600-1800 mm to 25 mm or less. There is no need to configure secondary or tertiary crushing equipment, which saves investment.

Impact crusher: Suitable for processing various coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.) with a side length of no more than 500mm and a compressive strength of no more than 350 MPa. It is used in highway construction, water conservancy projects and construction gravel processing. It is widely used in other fields and is an ideal processing equipment for aggregates.

03、Differences in crushing effects:

After 2-3 times of counterattack shaping process, the impact crusher will produce a better particle shape, which is rounder than that of hammer crushing, and the crushing ratio is larger, generally 10-25, and the highest can be up to 50. Usually, secondary shaping is done. Used, but the powder content of the product is also high due to the high number of hits.


Counterattack and hammer breaking of internal structure

Which is better, hammer crushing or impact crushing?

Through the above introduction, it can be found that there are varying degrees of differences between hammer breaking and counterattack breaking in terms of structure, application, and effect. In addition, these two types of crushing equipment each have their own advantages, and we cannot simply say which one is better. The specific selection and use needs to be determined according to the actual use environment. If the material to be processed is hard or there are strict requirements for the finished product, impact crushing is preferred. If not, hammer crushing is better. Some users will also choose the combined operation of "hammer crushing + impact crushing" to make sand. These can be selected according to the actual needs of the user, and the particle size of the finished product, environmental performance, investment costs, etc. need to be comprehensively considered.


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