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What is dry sand making production line?

Release time:Mar.17.2023 Views:0


1. What is a dry sand production line?

What is a dry sand production line? There are two points below to help you answer the dry sand production line. The dry sand production line gets rid of environmental restrictions, reduces production costs, has better gradation of artificial sand, is more environmentally friendly, and is not restricted by water sources and the environment.

Taking the raw material below 40mm as an example, the aggregate of 0-40mm is transported to the impact crusher for crushing through the suspension feeder and the belt conveyor, and the crushed material is screened by a two-layer vibrating screen, and the aggregate is larger than 5mm. The material returned to the impact crusher for re-crushing, forming a closed loop. 3-5mm materials can be partially discharged into finished products according to the discharge requirements, and partially returned to the impact crusher for re-crushing. The material smaller than 3mm enters the coarse and fine powder separator, and the stone powder of 0-0.075mm is separated. 0.075-3mm and 3-5mm materials form the finished stockpile. According to environmental protection requirements, a pulse bag filter can be selected.


2. The characteristics of dry sand making.

(1) Adjustment of fineness modulus and gradation area: the sand making machine and sand and gravel powder separator are equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation control system, which can adjust the production mode according to the characteristics of raw materials, so as to quickly and conveniently adjust the fineness modulus and stone powder content of the machine-made sand , is a high-quality production process.

(2) Adjustment of stone powder content (sand equivalent): adjust the stone powder content to the required range through the sand and stone powder separator.

(3) Good environmental protection performance: equipped with a special dust removal system, the dust is small, and the noise during operation is less than 90dB.

(4) Small footprint, compact production line layout, high degree of automation: the plane covers an area of 35 meters x 20 meters, and only 2 workers are required for each shift of production and operation.

(5) The design of technological process is scientific and reasonable, which can effectively guarantee the quality and output of machine-made sand.

(6) It can crush medium, high-hard and extra-hard materials.

(7) High automation configuration, minimizing the cost of human resources.

(8) The finished sand has excellent gradation and adjustable fineness modulus.

(9) The equipment has low noise and less dust pollution during operation.