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The mobile crusher can measure the size of the discharge port by the rotation method

Release time:Mar.17.2023 Views:0

In sandstone production lines such as basalt, granite, diabase and limestone, the wear of wearing parts such as slabs, hammers and counterattacks is very high. Therefore, in the design of the crushing process of the mobile crusher, the main crushing task uses the lamination principle to reduce the wear of the wearing parts. Typical lamination equipment configurations are two-stage E-break or E-break and cone crushing process configurations. Therefore, mobile crushers also have high hardness materials. Wide range of applications.


After adjusting the discharge port of the mobile crusher, the size of the discharge port can be measured by the rotation method. Slightly lift the adjustment ring, insert the mobile crusher into the crushing chamber for spraying, and then accurately adjust the discharge opening at four relative positions along the circumference of the crushing chamber. When the adjusted discharge port meets the size requirements, the adjusting ring needs to be locked together with the lock cylinder to start the mobile crusher again.

It should be noted that when adjusting the discharge port, the size of the discharge port must not be smaller than the specified size. If the metal wire, etc. is contaminated during the adjustment process, it will be difficult for the adjustment ring to rotate, and it is necessary to add lubricating oil for lubrication. If there is no lubricant at the job site, let the mobile crusher feed a small amount of ore and turn the adjusting ring.


The design of the mobile crusher has a novel design principle. It adopts a new concept of crushing technology, which can meet the crushing of different material specifications and meet the requirements of the new process of "more crushing and less grinding". The machine not only has a high breakage rate, but also has a small particle size and low unit energy consumption. The moisture content of the crushed material is not high, and it is also suitable for crushing any hard and fragile materials, and can be used for crushing various minerals. The machine has proved its good application prospect in the mineral processing field through large-scale engineering. In addition, the crushed material output of the mobile crusher is high and the production capacity is high. The unique design of the machine greatly reduces the maintenance cost and maintenance cost of the machine, thus greatly improving the production efficiency of the machine and reducing the production cost.

The mobile crusher becomes the crushing equipment for ore high hardness material. When crushing harsh high-hardness materials (such as basalt, granite, diabase, limestone, etc.), the mobile crusher should be used to crush the material. The reason is that the hardness of the broken material is low in the usual production process, and the hardness of the material such as diabase is high and the wear is large. The mobile crusher is a kind of crushing equipment used to crush ores and rocks of various hardness and medium hardness.