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Five elements that should be paid attention to in stone production line

Release time:Mar.17.2023 Views:0

The sand and gravel production line is generally also called the sand production line. It is a special production line equipment for the production of construction sand. Scientifically setting up the stone production line can quickly improve the production efficiency of the equipment and recover the cost. The following is an introduction to the problems that need to be paid attention to and the elements that should be possessed when designing a sand making production line.


1. The nature and size of raw materials

The raw material involves the type of sand making equipment purchased. Different materials have different hardness, mud content, water content, and crushing index. Therefore, different materials require different equipment types.

The size of the raw material refers to the feed particle size. Different types of equipment have different feed particle sizes. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the raw material when selecting equipment.

2. Requirements for finished aggregate

Different types of crushing equipment have different crushing effects, so it is necessary to reasonably match the equipment according to the actual production needs of the user.

3. Output

Users need to choose suitable sand making equipment according to their own production output. Different equipment has different production power and production output. When selecting equipment, the output per hour can accurately help the production line selection.

4. The equipment must be matched before and after

The matching here refers to whether the particle size of the crushed material in the previous stage can meet the feed particle size of the next stage crushing equipment and whether the conveyor belt and the electric control system are matched.

5. Ensure the normal production of equipment

When selecting the production configuration, it is necessary to consider the specific factors affecting various types of crushing equipment, and to choose the appropriate crushing equipment for the processing of different materials. Generally, for brittle materials such as limestone and cement with low Mohs hardness, it is generally recommended to use a hammer crusher, and for relatively hard stones such as basalt and granite, choose jaw crushers, cone crushers and other high wear-resistant materials. equipment.


A reasonable sand making production line must consider the cooperation between various equipment. Only with a reasonable design can the production demand of machine-made sand be met and the standard of construction sand be met.