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Internal reasons for material blocking in mobile crushers

Release time:Apr.22.2024 Views:0

As a commonly used rock crushing equipment in production lines, mobile crushers have greatly expanded the conceptual field of crushing operations and effectively improved the flexibility of site deployment. However, during the working process, there will occasionally be blockage. Once the blockage lasts for a long time, it will need to be shut down for cleaning, which will greatly reduce the production capacity of the crusher and affect the efficiency of the overall production line. , may also damage the performance of the crusher.

To solve this problem, you need to find the cause of the clogging problem. This can not only effectively prevent and reduce the clogging problem, but also solve the problem as early as possible when it occurs to avoid delaying production. In fact, the reasons for the blocking of mobile crushers can be divided into two types: internal reasons and external reasons. The internal reasons can be considered from the following perspectives.


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Unqualified quality: The quality of mobile crushers produced by different manufacturers is also very different. If material blocking problems occur frequently, it is likely to be related to the quality of the equipment. For example, problems with the design of transmission components may cause the crusher to fail to achieve the actual crushing effect, thereby causing material blockage; or the processing capabilities of the crushing, transfer, screening and other systems are not suitable, which may also cause material blockage. Therefore, be sure to choose formal and powerful manufacturer equipment.

Damage to the main shaft: The main shaft is the "lifeblood" of the normal operation of all parts of the crusher. If the main shaft is damaged, all parts of the equipment will be "implicated" and unable to operate normally, causing the equipment to stop moving and causing material blockage. Therefore, operation and maintenance personnel need to pay more attention to the maintenance and repair of the spindle, lubricate it in time, do a good job in maintenance, and solve problems in a timely manner to avoid affecting normal production.

The eccentric shaft is stuck: When the eccentric shaft tightening bushing is loose, it will cause the eccentric shaft to get stuck and cannot operate normally. As a result, the material in the crusher cavity cannot be discharged in time, causing material blockage. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the eccentric shaft is in normal condition. operation.


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Improper design of the crushing cavity: The crushing cavity is the main place where the crusher crushes materials. After completion, it is discharged from the lower part. If the design is improper, the material can easily cause blockage in the lower part of the crushing cavity. Therefore, in order to avoid various problems caused by improper equipment design, it is best to buy guaranteed equipment from large manufacturers. Manufacturers can solve this problem by improving the crushing cavity and adopting a curved crushing cavity, that is, the meshing angle of the crushing cavity gradually decreases from top to bottom. This type of crushing cavity is conducive to the downward falling of the crushed large materials, and also reduces the impact of the crushing cavity. It can enable fine materials to be discharged freely from the crushing area, allowing materials to be discharged smoothly and reducing material clogging.

Improper tightness of the V-belt: The mobile crusher relies on the V-belt to transmit power to the sheave to achieve the purpose of material crushing. If the V-belt is too loose, it will cause slippage and the V-belt will not be able to drive the sheave. As the groove wheel rotates, the material cannot be broken normally, or the broken material cannot be smoothly discharged, causing material blockage. Therefore, during the production and crushing process, attention should be paid to checking the tightness of the V-belt, and if it is inappropriate, adjust it in time.


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Wear parts problem: If the main parts of the mobile crusher are worn (such as the hammer head of the hammer crusher, the jaw plate of the jaw crusher, the eccentric bushing of the cone crusher, etc.), it will affect the crushing performance of the mobile crusher. Ability, the material is not completely crushed, resulting in poor crushing effect, which in turn causes material blockage. Therefore, during the production process, it is necessary to conduct regular inspections such as daily, weekly, and monthly inspections on the mobile crusher, and pay attention to checking the wear and tear of components so that wearing parts can be replaced in a timely manner to ensure the crushing effect of materials and reduce material clogging. , to avoid affecting production efficiency.

Warm reminder from Xingaonai Heavy Industry: In the production line, when the mobile crushing station has material blocking, you must first find out what is the cause of the material blocking, and then deal with it one by one. Blind maintenance may be counterproductive.