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What equipment is more suitable for crushing limestone?

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As a stone widely found in nature, (stone crusher)limestone is a common construction raw material and is often used in cement, construction, roads, concrete manufacturing and chemical industries. Its Mohs hardness is not higher than 3.0 and its hardness is relatively low.


Limestone 1

In daily life, limestone aggregates processed into 12, 13, 24 or 05 specifications are generally used. Due to the larger particle size after mining, if you want to process limestone into stones of different specifications, you need to use a limestone crusher. However, in recent years, as more and more manufacturers produce limestone crusher equipment, the options are becoming larger and larger. This is undoubtedly a big problem for users. So what equipment is more suitable for processing limestone? Specific crushing What is the production process?

Limestone crushing equipment selection

In order to meet market demand and improve production efficiency, it is very important to configure a suitable crusher. Materials that are not very hard, such as limestone, will produce more dust and lower productivity if a cone crusher is used for processing. Although the cone crusher has the advantages of large crushing force and good wear resistance, It is not suitable for medium hard and brittle materials such as limestone.

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It is more appropriate to use a hammer crusher to process limestone. Like the impact crusher, it is a processing equipment for fine crushing of limestone. The difference is that this equipment integrates crushing and shaping, and can replace the coarse crusher of the jaw crusher. The crushing process is simplified and the crushing process is formed in one go. Moreover, the finished stone after its crushing has a better particle shape, and the wearing parts are also made of wear-resistant materials, which has the characteristics of high crushing efficiency and low energy consumption. As for the specifications and models of the hammer crusher, it can be reasonably selected based on actual conditions such as raw material size, output requirements, site conditions, investment budget, etc.

Limestone crushing production process

When configuring a limestone crushing production line, in addition to the hammer crusher, auxiliary equipment such as feeders and vibrating screens should also be configured to achieve continuous and efficient operation of the entire production line. Therefore, the limestone crushing production process mainly includes four major processes: feeding, crushing, screening, and transportation.


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Feeding process: Currently commonly used in the industry is the vibrating feeder, which can evenly and continuously feed the limestone raw materials in the raw material bin into the hammer crusher. The performance of the entire process is stable and reliable;

Crushing process: The heavy hammer crusher can quickly break limestone into the particle size required by the user. It can be broken by a single unit without the assistance of other crushing equipment, effectively saving investment costs for users;

Screening process: The crushed stone needs to be screened. This process can effectively control the size of the finished product and screen out finished sand and gravel aggregates of different specifications according to user needs;

Conveying process: The belt conveyor runs through almost the entire process and is responsible for transporting materials in each process. It is an indispensable supporting equipment in the limestone crushing production line.

In order to ensure the safe operation of the limestone production line, factors such as equipment layout and power supply should also be considered, and appropriate safety equipment and protection devices should be equipped.

Xingao Nai Heavy Industry has been focusing on the production and manufacturing of mining equipment for many years, with rich experience and mature technology. The hammer head of the heavy hammer crusher produced is made of high manganese steel, which has the advantages of high density, wear resistance, impact resistance, etc., which can greatly extend the service life of the equipment. service life and reduce later investment. In addition, in addition to the hammer crushers introduced above, Xingaonai Heavy Industry also has many models to choose from, such as jaw crushers, cone crushers, vertical shaft impact crushers, etc., which are suitable for different stone crushing processing occasions. You can choose according to your actual requirements, and at the same time, we can tailor the process design of your exclusive limestone crushing production line according to your actual needs.