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External reasons for blockage of mobile crusher

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Blocking is one of the common faults in the working process of most crushers.(stone crusher) The previous article analyzed the internal reasons for moving the blocking material. This time we will talk about the external reasons and corresponding solutions.

Material problem

Different materials have different properties, and the properties of the stones produced not only affect the selection of mobile crushing equipment, but also affect its production efficiency. If the hardness of the crushed materials is too large or the feed particle size exceeds the size of the mobile crusher, If the range is limited, it is easy to cause insufficient crushing and blockage; if the amount of crushed material is large and the viscosity is high, it is easy to cause insufficient discharge and blockage; if the special materials are fed according to the normal feeding speed, it is also easy to occur. Blocking problem. Therefore, when configuring equipment for a mobile crusher, it is necessary to select the appropriate main crushing equipment according to the nature of the crushed materials.


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Feeding too fast

When the mobile crusher is in production, it is required to feed materials at a uniform speed, neither too fast nor too slow. If the feed speed set by the feeder is too fast and exceeds the processing capacity of the crusher, it will not only overload the equipment The operating state increases the wear of the crushing parts, and may also cause the material to be blocked if it is not crushed in time. If the material is fed too slowly, the production efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, when the mobile crusher is in production, in order to avoid overloading the machine, it should be based on The processing capacity of the machine adjusts the feed speed and feeds the material evenly.

Discharge is too slow

Under normal circumstances, the feed speed and discharge speed of the mobile crusher should be balanced. Abnormalities in either of the two will cause material blockage. If the discharge port is improperly adjusted or the size of the discharge port is set unreasonably, it will This will cause a large amount of material to be blocked inside the machine, causing the discharge speed to be too slow, thus causing material blockage. Therefore, during production, the size of the discharge opening should be adjusted in time according to the actual situation so that the crushed materials can be discharged smoothly. If the crushed materials change, the size of the discharge opening should be adjusted accordingly.

Human problems

Although the crushing station is equipped with an electrical control system and the control is relatively simple, its large-scale integrated design also requires operators to have certain experience in handling problems. Part of the causes of blockage are operator errors. For example, when the humidity of the stone increases, the feeding speed can be appropriately reduced to reduce the production burden of the crusher. If there is no experience, or for the sake of production efficiency, overfeeding , failure to operate according to the operating procedures may cause material blockage, or the operator is not familiar with the process or makes a temporary mistake. Therefore, equipment operators should undergo strict training and must be qualified before they can take up the job. They must not only be familiar with the operating specifications of the equipment, but also understand the entire production line process.

Motor failure

When the motor fails, its crushing parts cannot perform the crushing function, and the material is not crushed, which will cause the discharge port to be blocked. At this time, the motor needs to be replaced.


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Voltage is unstable or too low

The motor of the mobile crusher requires a certain voltage to work properly. When the voltage received by the motor of the mobile crusher is unstable or too low, although the motor can rotate, the power it generates is not enough to crush the crushing cavity. The material in the crushing cavity will cause the material to be blocked in the crushing cavity, causing material blockage and affecting production. Therefore, appropriate voltage supply must be ensured.


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