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Factors affecting the failure of the cone failure to reach the design value

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Cone crusher is one of the medium and fine crushing equipment commonly used in mining crushing equipment. It has a variety of specifications. Users can choose the appropriate crushing chamber type according to specific needs. Its production capacity directly affects the crushing capacity of the entire production line. Therefore, in order to further improve Regarding the economic benefits of the production line, users expect it to have higher production capacity.

However, many users will encounter a situation where the production capacity is not up to standard when using cone crushers for production. Sometimes even with full production, they still feel that the production capacity does not meet the ideal requirements. In fact, the factors that affect the production capacity of the cone crusher are mainly in the following aspects: If the values of these factors are chosen appropriately, the production capacity of the equipment will be increased.


New high-resistant multi-cylinder cone

1. Moving cone speed of cone crusher

The working principle of the cone crusher is laminated crushing. The material is crushed by the extrusion and impact of the moving cone and the static cone. When the rotation speed of the moving cone is too slow, the discharge speed of the material also decreases, and the time it takes to pass through the crushing cavity, and then Reduce production efficiency; when the rotation speed of the moving cone is too fast, it is difficult to discharge the material downward, and the material will stagnate after being broken, which will lead to material congestion, making the cone crusher overloaded and unable to produce, which may seriously cause the cone crusher to appear. Speeding failure.

2. Length of parallel crushing area

The three cavity types of cone crusher, standard type, short head type, and medium type, have different lengths of parallel zones. The parallel crushing zone is the area where the cone crusher has uniform particle size. Its crushing capacity is related to the thickness of the material layer in the parallel zone, and the thickness of the material layer is equal to The size of the discharge port is directly related. The increase in the length of the parallel zone is beneficial to the control of particle size, but the ore discharge capacity is relatively reduced; the reduction in the length of the parallel zone is beneficial to the ore discharge, but the crushed ore particle size is not easy to ensure.

3. Size of meshing angle

The angle between the rolling mortar wall and the crushing wall of the cone crusher is called the meshing angle. The meshing angle is generally 22-23°, with a maximum of 27°. Theoretically, if the meshing angle is too large, the ore will easily slip in the crushing cavity, which will reduce the production capacity and increase the wear of the liner and the power consumption; if the meshing angle is too small, the crushing cavity will be too small and the amount of ore accommodated will be reduced. It is relatively reduced, which affects the output and increases the manufacturing cost of the equipment and the height of the machine.

4. Filling rate of materials

When the material filling rate is low, the material cannot fill each crushing layer, and the output will be reduced; when the filling rate is high, the material is pressed too tightly, which is not conducive to lamination crushing, and the material cannot easily pass through the crushing cavity, resulting in cone crushing. The output is not high and the quality is not good. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a better material filling rate during the feeding process and try to continue to run "full cavity" (the cone crusher running with half cavity, its products are in gradation, needle and flake shape, etc. Not ideal in all aspects).


New high-resistant single cylinder cone

5. The base angle of the moving cone

The bottom angle of the movable cone determines the inclination angle of the movable cone. The larger the bottom angle, the more conducive to the free fall movement of the material. However, the number of times the material is squeezed and crushed when passing through the crushing cavity is reduced, and the increase in output will lead to Decrease in quality; the smaller the bottom angle of the movable cone, the surface of the movable cone will become smoother, the material will fall along the movable cone lining of the crusher, the output will begin to become lower, and the quality of the crushed material will become better.

6. Dimensions of closed edge discharge opening

The size of the closed-side discharge port determines the output of the cone crusher. When the size of the closed-side discharge port becomes larger, the output of the cone crusher becomes larger, but the content of needle-shaped materials in the product also increases: when the closed-side discharge port As the material opening size becomes smaller, the output of the cone crusher becomes smaller.

7. Other factors

The cone crusher starts or stops with the material; overcurrent, low voltage operation;; the size of the discharge port is too small; the liner is displaced; the liner structure and the bearing are worn to increase the working gap, and the bearing rotates relative to the outer ring , these will also affect the working status and efficiency of the cone crusher, resulting in reduced output.


New high resistance base picture 1.jpg

If your cone bankrupt cannot meet the expected requirements, you might as well try the above aspects.

The cone crusher has outstanding performance and occupies an important position in the field of crushing equipment. It can not only be used as the basic equipment in the crushing production line, but also undertake the main crushing work of the production line. It can not only perform medium crushing and coarse crushing, but also carry out crushing of materials. It is finely broken, so just like a sword needs to be wiped frequently, the cone crusher also needs to be maintained and used correctly and rationally during daily use, so that it can have continuous productivity.

In fact, if you want to maintain the production capacity of the cone crusher, ensuring the quality of the cone crusher itself is a top priority for users. The main shafts of Xingao Heavy Duty Cone Crusher adopt super wear-resistant steel and cast steel technology, and the wear resistance is improved. , low equipment failure rate, long service life, high production and low consumption, which can create better economic benefits for users.