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How to judge the quality of machine-made sand?

Release time:Apr.16.2024 Views:0

Compared with natural river sand, manufactured sand's gradation, (stone crusher)particle shape, powder content and other process indicators can be controlled through the power of modern mechanical equipment (that is, sand making machines), and the quality can even be comparable to natural sand.


Machine-made sand

With the country banning the mining of natural sand, artificial machine-made sand has received strong support from the country and is widely used in the construction of national infrastructure and many other industry facilities. Therefore, many manufacturers have begun to use machine-made sand production lines to produce machine-made sand. However, the country has also relatively The standard specifications of machine-made sand have been improved, so how to judge the quality of the sand produced in the sand making production line?

To understand the quality of machine-made sand, you must understand what factors determine the quality of machine-made sand. Factors such as stone powder content, particle shape, compressive strength, fineness modulus, and particle gradation are the keys to measuring the quality of machine-made sand. index.

First of all, in terms of stone powder content, the stone powder content of inferior sand is usually too high, which can easily lead to quality problems such as reduced concrete strength and increased shrinkage and deformation;

In terms of grain shape, high-quality machine-made sand has rounded grains, while inferior sand has more angular grains;

Furthermore, in terms of compressive strength, for example, the hardness standards of stones used in high-speed railways, highways, etc. are very strict. The same is true for machine-made sand. Its quality can be divided by compressive strength. The higher the hardness of the sand and gravel, the higher the compressive strength. The better, the better the quality of the sand and gravel;

Then there is the fineness modulus. Coarse sand: the fineness modulus is 3.7-3.1. The average particle size is above 0.5mm. Medium sand: the fineness modulus is 3.0-2.3. The average particle size is 0.6-0.35mm. Sand: the fineness modulus is 2.2-1.6. The average particle size is 0.35-0.25mm. Extra-fine sand: the fineness modulus is 1.5-0.7. The average particle size is below 0.25mm. The required machine-made sand parameters should be determined. Is it coarse sand, fine sand or something else? Because depending on the application fields of finished sand, the actual parameter requirements for machine-made sand will also be different, and the judgment standards will naturally be different. Therefore, to a certain extent, the quality of machine-made sand cannot be determined. Generally speaking, good machine-made sand can be considered as one that can meet the needs of the application field;

Finally, in terms of grading, high-quality sand has a reasonable gradation, with more needles and less flakes. The so-called reasonable gradation refers to the proportion of sand with different fineness modulus. Good gradation can effectively improve the density of concrete and mortar. and intensity.


Machine-made sand process

Warm reminder from Xingao Heavy Industry: The configuration of the production line is crucial to the quality of machine-made sand. The needs should be clearly defined based on the raw material characteristics, production capacity requirements, finished product application fields and other aspects of machine-made sand, so that manufacturers can configure appropriate sand making machines according to their own needs. Production line plan. In addition, the quality of machine-made sand is also inseparable from sand-making equipment. Therefore, it is also extremely important to choose suitable sand-making equipment. When selecting sand-making production line equipment, you must choose a sand-making machine manufacturer with a good reputation, and at the same time Pay attention to the manufacturer’s after-sales service and make decisions based on multiple factors.