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Mobile crushers are obviously so expensive, why are they said to be more economical?

Release time:Apr.16.2024 Views:0

Mobile crusher, also known as mobile crushing station, is equivalent to a complete crushing production line and can even serve as a small crushing production workshop. Its emergence has greatly expanded the conceptual field of crushing operations and made up for the shortcomings of fixed crushing equipment. Board, strong environmental adaptability + flexible maneuverability, eliminating a series of problems caused by site and environmental requirements.

The mobile crusher has been on the market for a short time. In addition, it is a large-scale equipment with high manufacturing costs. Therefore, if you only look at the quotation of a single machine, its investment price is naturally more expensive than that of a single fixed crushing machine. However, it must be considered in terms of comprehensive investment. If you look at it, mobile crushers are actually more economical. Here’s how to save money:


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1. Save land space and installation costs: It is also a production line. A fixed production line not only requires a larger floor area, but also requires investment in infrastructure such as piling and machine fixing. Plus the labor cost of construction, it is a huge investment. Small investment; compared with the complicated basic steel frame structure combination of the fixed production line, the mobile crusher is much simpler. Its single machine forms its own production line, which can save the infrastructure construction steps and can be parked at any time. In addition, the body structure is reasonably configured , the floor space is also much smaller than that of a fixed production line, so the mobile crusher saves money and is more cost-effective.

2. Save transportation costs: For mobile crushing operations, if the transportation is frequent, the freight of materials will also be a big expense. If you choose to transfer the equipment, it will not only cost transportation, but also disassembly and assembly of the equipment and rebuilding the production line. It’s a big expense; the mobile crusher integrates feeding, crushing, screening and transportation. It is flexible and can be moved freely without disassembly and can start production operations at any time, eliminating the need for material transportation and saving transportation costs. At the same time, more time can be used for crushing production operations, saving time and costs in both directions. In addition, it is a hybrid of oil and electricity, with abundant power. It can also be freely combined according to the requirements of the working conditions to meet various operating needs, and can be applied to various harsh working conditions. Therefore, the entire production of the mobile crusher saves time and money.

3. Save manpower investment: Today’s crushing production lines tend to be intelligent and numerically controlled, and the same is true for mobile crushers. It has a PLC intelligent system that can realize automatic feeding and intelligent material distribution, making the entire production fully automated. The process is safe, convenient and efficient, saving labor costs to a large extent.


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Therefore, from an investment perspective, mobile crushers not only reduce unnecessary processes, but also improve production efficiency to a certain extent. With the same return output, fixed production lines cost more, and their maneuverability is not as good as mobile crushers. machine. However, in terms of applicability, mobile crushers are more suitable for small and medium-sized mines that require frequent transfers, construction waste treatment, etc., but are not suitable for large mines that require large production capacity, so the specific choice depends on yourself. needs.

Xingao Nai Heavy Industry has been working in the mining crushing industry for decades. Its mobile crushing stations reflect its research and development process of excellence in every link from functional concept, structural design to complete machine assembly. It is the first choice equipment for the overall operation of the sand and gravel production line. Moreover, the three major physical factories of Xingaonai Heavy Industry are all located in Henan, a major industrial province. There are many mining machine manufacturing companies and competition is fierce. Manufacturers have strict cost control and equipment prices are relatively low.