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Should we use jaw crusher or hammer crusher to produce gravel? the difference

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Jaw crusher and hammer crusher are both crushing equipment for sand and gravel aggregate production lines. The utilization rate of these two equipments in industrial crushing production lines is relatively high.


Jaw crusher


hammer crusher

The difference between jaw crusher and hammer crusher

Speaking of the difference between the two, customers who know it can tell it at a glance. The specific differences are as follows:

01、Different structures

The structure of the hammer crusher consists of casing, rotor, hammer head, main shaft, impact lining plate, screen plate, etc. The structure of the jaw crusher consists of a fixed jaw plate, a movable jaw plate, a frame, an upper and lower guard plate, an adjusting seat, a movable jaw rod, etc.

02、Different ways of working

Jaw crushing uses jaw plates for extrusion crushing, while hammer crushing uses a high-speed rotating hammer head to impact and crush materials.

03、Applicable materials are different

Jaw crusher can crush various soft and hard materials, with a compressive strength between 300-350Mpa, such as: granite, quartz stone, diabase, river pebbles, iron ore, etc.;

Hammer crusher is mainly used to crush ores with low hardness and compressive strength generally lower than 200Mpa, such as limestone, bluestone, coal gangue, etc.

04、Different discharge granularity adjustment methods

Hammer crushing is achieved by adjusting the movable liner at the bottom discharge port to achieve the particle size of the finished material. There are generally three ways to adjust the jaw crusher: backing plate adjustment, wedge block adjustment and hydraulic cylinder adjustment.

05、Different functions on the production line

The finished materials produced by the jaw crusher have a relatively high content of needle pieces, so they need to be equipped with a shaping machine for secondary crushing. Hammer crushing can be used to break into shape without secondary crushing, and there is no need for a shaping machine. Therefore, hammer crushing is often used alone in small and medium-sized production lines.


Hammer crusher working site


Jaw crusher working site

Should we use jaw crusher or hammer crusher to produce gravel?

Different uses, different usage environments, there will be different choices! Therefore, whether to use jaw crusher or hammer crusher to produce stones depends on the actual production situation of the customer.

Here are some suggestions for you. If the materials you crush are pebbles, quartz, iron ore and other high-hardness materials, it is recommended to choose jaw crusher. If the crushed materials are limestone, coal gangue and other materials with low hardness, it is recommended to choose hammer crushing.

If the output is relatively small and it belongs to a small and medium-sized production line, you can consider hammer crushing. Hammer crushing is used to form a shape. A shaping machine is not needed. It only needs to be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as a vibrating screen and a feeder to form a production line.