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How much does a small stone sand crusher cost? What are the uses of sand from crushed stones?

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List of common small stone sand crusher equipment

Common small stone sand crushing equipment include:

01、 roller sand making machine (output: 5-110t/h)


02、fine sand crusher (output: 5-260t/h)


03、compound sand crusher (output: 5-100t/h) h)


04、impact sand crusher (output: 10-650t/h)


How much does a small stone sand crusher cost?

The starting price is around 10,000 yuan, depending on the type and model.

The four types of small stone sand crushers mentioned above each have their own characteristics, and the price difference between different types of equipment is relatively large. In addition, in addition to the type of equipment, model output, it is also related to the manufacturer's design, material selection and manufacturing process. , because there are many manufacturing companies, and the sales channels and purchase time are different, so how much does it cost to purchase a set of small stone sand crusher? Consult the specific equipment manufacturer. It is recommended to carefully examine the machine before purchasing, conduct on-site inspections, and conduct multiple comparisons.


Impact crushing sand making machine

What are the uses of sand after crushed stone?

After being processed by a professional stone sand crusher, the raw stone can be crushed into three types: Type I, Type II and Type III. Different levels are of great use:

Type I sand: Concrete with a strength level greater than C60, used for laying higher-required prestressed structures, piers, and pavements;

Type II sand: Concrete with strength grade C30-C60 and frost resistance, impermeability or other requirements, used for laying long-span beams, slabs and pavements;

Class III sand: Concrete and construction mortar with a strength grade less than C30, used for highway ancillary structures, retaining walls, and culverts.


In recent years, the construction market has experienced huge demand, which has promoted the rapid development of the sand and gravel market. The machine-made sand produced by the stone sand crusher has also replaced the market with its advantages and has become one of the important sources of building materials.