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What kind of machinery is good for limestone sand making? How much does it cost?

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What kind of machinery is good for limestone sand making? How much does it cost?

Limestone generally refers to limestone, a carbonate rock with calcite as the main component. It is mainly formed in a shallow sea environment. It has the advantages of thermal conductivity, solidity, water absorption, sound insulation, good cementing properties and processability. The demand has also increased in recent years, attracting many friends to join, but what kind of machinery is good for limestone sand making? How much does it cost? Here you will learn more about it.


1. What kind of machinery is good for limestone sand making?

Impact sand making machine has better effect.

Because the structure of limestone is relatively complex, it has two types: clastic structure and grain structure. It has gray, gray white, gray black, yellow, light red, brown red and other colors. The hardness is generally not large, and the Mohs hardness is around level 3, with a fairly distributed distribution. It is widely used, has uniform lithology, and is easy to mine and process. Therefore, according to the relevant characteristics, it is better to use an impact sand making machine. It cleverly combines the principles of stone on stone and stone on iron. Two feeding methods, from large rocks to finished sand, work flow Simple.

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Limestone sand making machine pictures

01、high working efficiency

Adopting a four-port impeller design and a large discharge port design, the material can be discharged smoothly, which can effectively prevent material clogging, avoid abnormal damage to the equipment, and improve the crushing efficiency.

02、The finished product has good grain shape

Discharged through the hydraulic adjustment system, the finished product has uniform particle size and stable quality. The particle shape is mostly polygonal, and the sand is clean and free of mud and other harmful impurities.

03、Hydraulic device

It is equipped with a hydraulic cover lifting device to reduce the difficulty of equipment maintenance and save labor time. The lifting device can be equipped with a manual or electric hoist.

04、Reinforced crushing chamber

Taking into account the characteristics of the wear-resistant peripheral protection plate and the self-crushing rock, the low-loss wear structure is developed to reduce wear costs and increase crushing efficiency.

05、long lasting

The use of new processes and new materials extends the life of consumable parts, effectively reduces downtime and maintenance time and wear of consumable parts, and the peripheral protective plate can be turned up and down after partial wear, resulting in lower operating costs.

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Real photos of limestone sand making machine working site

2. How much does a limestone sand making machine cost?

As for the price of limestone sand making machine, there is no fixed value on the market. Most of them range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Many companies are producing it. The technical level and equipment quality are different, so each manufacturer is different and will change at any time. changes according to market demand.

Among them, Henan Hongxing limestone sand making machine equipment manufacturer is self-produced and sold. It has been cooperating with many companies for many years. It is constantly improving and upgrading according to demand and actual production conditions. Customer feedback also said that the effect is very good and you can enjoy more There are many discounts, and you can consult online for specific quotations. In addition, there are many limestone sand making machinery and equipment, such as compound sand making machines, hammer sand making machines, etc. You are welcome to visit the factory at any time.