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Small stone crusher price and pictures_video

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Small stone crusher price and pictures_video

Stone crusher, also called stone crusher, can crush large stones into stones of different specifications (05, 12, 13). It is suitable for soft, medium hard and high hardness materials. The equipment is divided into small, medium and large according to the output. Large and medium-sized equipment are small in size, more convenient to operate, and not low in efficiency. They are loved by everyone. Here is a detailed introduction to you.

1. Prices and pictures of small stone crushers

At present, there are many types of small stone crushing equipment on the market, about a dozen models, among which 4 are commonly used, namely jaw crusher, hammer crusher, compound crusher and roller crusher. The price range is still The relatively large ones range from tens to hundreds of thousands. The difference is due to the different equipment and models selected, as well as the different raw materials, processes and pricing standards of each production company, so there is a large gap in quotations. Inaccurate.

01、Jaw Crusher


Jaw crusher pictures

02、hammer crusher

Hammer crusher pictures

It is suitable for medium hardness and brittle materials. It mainly relies on the impact of the hammer head to crush materials. It can produce finished products at one time. It has a modular design and can adjust coarse, medium and fine crushing by changing the cavity type, reducing costs by about 40%. The equipment has a compact structure design. , It occupies a small area and is very suitable for small output and small batch operations.

03、Compound crusher


Compound crusher pictures

It is suitable for all kinds of medium-hard and weakly abrasive materials. It is a new fine crushing/coarse grinding product developed by optimizing the main technical parameters. It realizes single-machine operation, uses the working principle of stone on stone, has a large crushing ratio, and is screenless. When set in strips, materials with large mud content are not easy to block, and the overall efficiency is improved. Because of the three-dimensional design, it occupies a small area.

04、Roller Crusher

450x300_auto (3)

Roller crusher pictures

It is suitable for all kinds of medium and high hardness materials to be squeezed and crushed between two rollers. The driving device is equipped with two motors, which has more powerful kinetic energy. It saves 45% of energy consumption at the same production capacity, and has higher production efficiency. The surface of the grinding roller It has uneven teeth and can also be used for sand making. Like the coal industry, it simplifies the coal preparation process and reduces production costs.

2. Small stone crusher video

Production capacity: 50 tons per hour

Processing materials: limestone

Feed particle size: ≤340mm

Discharging particle size: 40-100mm

Equipment selection: Jaw crusher

Small stone crusher video

The technical manager recommended this equipment through an on-site inspection of the customer, based on the material situation and various customer needs. It has a small footprint, fully automated operation process, easy operation, high production efficiency and low investment cost.

3. Small stone crusher manufacturer direct selling price

How much does a small stone crusher cost? Subject to what is provided by the manager, please feel free to consult online. Henan Xingaonai Group is a direct sales manufacturer and enjoys multiple discounts. We have ready stock for everyone to visit the factory at any time, and customer cases are all over the country. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time. We will arrange for you to visit the surrounding sites nearby. In addition, a technical team will provide a series of services such as equipment debugging, operation training, and regular return visits in the later period.