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Ore hammer crusher model parameters and prices

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Ore hammer crusher model parameters and prices

Ore hammer crusher is often used to crush medium-hard materials such as iron ore, copper ore, quartz stone, limestone, river pebbles, marble, etc. It can be formed in one go and has the characteristics of high efficiency, good quality, environmental protection, low energy consumption, It has the advantages of low price and a processing capacity of 10-3200 tons/hour. It can be adapted to the needs of various projects with different scales and output requirements. It has a very high usage rate in the industry.


Common specifications and model parameters of ore hammer crusher

There are three types of ore hammer crushers: heavy hammer crusher, small hammer crusher and mobile hammer crusher, and there are many models. Different types and models of ore hammer crushers have great differences in production requirements, discharge granularity, and even hourly production efficiency. Therefore, it is recommended that users must consider the actual production needs of their own enterprises when purchasing equipment. Reasonable choice. Let’s take a closer look below:

Common models of small ore hammer crushers

The small ore hammer crusher is economical in price, starting at 10,000 yuan. It can be molded in one go and can directly produce 05 sand or 12/13//24 stones.


The output of small ore hammer crusher is 10-100 tons/hour, and the feed particle size is less than or equal to 900mm. The commonly used models are 400300 (output of 3-10 tons per hour), 600400 (output of 6-22 tons per hour), and 800600 (output of 10 tons per hour). -40 tons), 1000800 (15-50 tons per hour).

Common models of heavy ore hammer crushers

Heavy-duty ore hammer crushers include pcz hammer crusher and PCX hammer crusher. The equipment has a compact structure design, a small footprint, and a large feed opening. It can achieve one-time molding without the need for secondary crushing and shaping processes. Can effectively reduce costs.


The output range of heavy ore hammer crusher is 30-3000 tons/hour, and the feed particle size is less than or equal to 1000mm. The commonly used models are PCZ1308 (output 60-160 tons per hour), PCZ1615 (output 200-550 tons per hour), PCZ1716 (output per hour) Output: 400-850 tons), PCZ1720 (output: 500-1,000 tons per hour), PCZ1920 (output: 800-1,500 tons per hour).

Mobile Ore Hammer Crusher

The mobile ore hammer crusher is composed of a mobile chassis and a hammer crushing host. It adopts an integrated design. In addition to the original advantages of heavy hammer crushing, it also has the characteristics of rapid production, small footprint, and can be transferred at any time. The machine is equivalent to a factory and is more suitable for sand and gravel plants and construction waste treatment operations that require frequent transfers or have harsh working conditions.


Mobile ore hammer crushers are available in three types: module, crawler type, and tire type, with output ranging from 20-650 tons/hour.

Ore hammer crusher performance advantages

The ore hammer crusher is a rare one-time crusher that can achieve coarse crushing and medium-fine crushing at the same time. The PCX series hammer crusher can achieve sand making and shaping of stone at a very economical price. For large, medium and small sand and gravel plants and mineral processing plants, hammer crushers are a very good choice.


1. The ore hammer crusher adopts dual-motor power operation, which has sufficient power, low noise, more durability, and does not consume electricity;

2. The overall crushing ratio is large, and the maximum feed particle size is 900mm. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio and one-time molding, which many other crushers cannot achieve;

3. Using impact crushing, the finished product has better particle shape and is suitable for producing coarse, medium and fine stones of various specifications;

4. Strong production capacity, wide processing range, maximum hourly output of 3,000 tons, minimum hourly output of 10 tons, which can meet the production needs of different users, and has complete equipment models.

How much does an ore hammer crusher cost?

After understanding the performance advantages and models of this equipment, how much does it cost to buy an ore hammer crusher? The specific price cannot be generalized, because the price level of equipment from each manufacturer is different, and the prices of different equipment types and models are also different.

Generally speaking, the market price of a stationary crusher ranges from tens of thousands to more than one million. Because the mobile ore hammer crusher is more intelligent, has better performance, has a wider range of applications, and is more convenient to move, the price is relatively more expensive, ranging from hundreds of thousands to more than two million.

How many hammer heads does an ore hammer crusher generally have?


Ore hammer crushers generally have 8 hammer heads, each weighing about 52KG. The weight of a single hammer head is large, the rotor speed is high, and the hammer head rotational inertia is large, which fully embodies the idea of using large to crush small, using heavy to crush light, and through changes The method of using grate bars to control the size of discharged particles reduces the wear of the hammer head in the crushing cavity and increases the life of the hammer head by 4-6 times. The frame part has a three-piece structure, and only the rear part of the crusher needs to be opened. The machine casing can be used to replace the blow hammer, crushing plate, lining plate and other inspection and maintenance operations.