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Horizontal crusher pictures and prices_advantages and disadvantages introduction

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Horizontal crusher pictures and prices_advantages and disadvantages introduction

Horizontal crusher, also known as horizontal crusher and horizontal hammer crusher, has a simple structure, horizontal design, small footprint, low operating costs, and high production efficiency, so it is very popular. About horizontal crusher Its advantages and disadvantages, structure, working principle, price, model and other related contents are all introduced here.

1. Pictures and structural principles of horizontal crusher

9Horizontal crusher pictures


The horizontal crusher is developed based on the specific industrial and mining conditions and user needs of the domestic sand and gravel industry. It is a piece of equipment that crushes materials in the form of impact. It can produce finished products at one time, reduce the process flow, and directly crush materials with a feed particle size of 1000 mm to 5 to less than 30 mm, suitable for limestone and medium hard stones with compressive strength less than 200MPa.

The structure of the horizontal crusher is mainly composed of a box, a rotor, a hammer, an impact liner, a screen plate, a discharge port, a link mechanism, etc.


Horizontal crusher structure diagram

Working principle of horizontal crusher: The motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed, and the material enters the crusher cavity evenly. The high-speed rotating hammer head impacts, shears and tears the material, causing the material to be crushed. At the same time, the gravity of the material itself makes the material from The high-speed rotating hammer head rushes towards the baffle and screen bars in the frame body. Materials larger than the screen hole size are retained on the screen plate and continue to be struck and ground by the hammer until they are crushed to the required discharge granularity and then discharged out of the machine through the screen plate. .


2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Horizontal Crusher

One machine for multiple purposes

Modular design allows conversion between coarse, medium and fine crushing by changing the cavity type, thereby improving production efficiency.

cut costs

The machine structure design is reasonable, the floor space is small, the cost is reduced by about 40%, the energy consumption is low, and the investment cost is low.

The finished product has good grain shape

The discharging particle size can be adjusted according to customer requirements. The finished product has good particle shape, cube shape and needle-like shape with low content.

high degree of automation

The fully automatic control system enables remote operation and uses an external oil pump, oil tank, and pipeline lubrication system. It will automatically shut down when the oil temperature is too high or the oil flow rate is too slow.


It has self-sealing properties and is equipped with dust-proof and silencer devices to solve problems such as large dust in the workshop and dust leakage from the machine body.

Disadvantages: A large amount of energy is consumed during the crushing process, which puts a certain pressure on energy consumption. Hammer head impact crushing results in heavy hammer head wear and a short replacement cycle.


Real photos of horizontal crusher working site

3. Horizontal crusher models and parameters

There are 15 models of horizontal crushers, including PC and PCZ series, with an output of 3-3,000 tons per hour. They are divided into large, medium and small horizontal crushers. The parameters are slightly different, as detailed in the table below.

4. How much does a horizontal crusher cost?

The price of the horizontal crusher is relatively favorable, because one piece of equipment can solve the equipment required for the entire production line, which is about tens of thousands to one million. In actual production, the specific processing needs are different, and the selected models are different. There are differences in prices. In addition, there are many horizontal crusher manufacturers and brands on the market, so they vary.