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How much does a mobile stone crusher cost?

Release time:Mar.23.2024 Views:0

How much does a mobile stone crusher cost?

Mobile stone crushers, also known as mobile stone crushers and mobile crushers, comply with the development of the new era and are designed and developed from the perspective of customers. They facilitate work, start and stop with one button, move freely, and are highly efficient. They have attracted everyone's attention and Like it, but how much does a mobile stone crusher cost? Here is a detailed introduction for you.


How much does a mobile stone crusher cost?

The mobile stone crusher adopts a modular assembly form and mainly consists of 4 parts, namely feeder, crusher, vibrating screen and conveyor belt, etc., so it is relatively affordable because it only costs one piece of equipment. Instead of a production line, the price of mobile stone crusher fluctuates slightly due to the influence of equipment configuration, output, model and manufacturer selection, ranging from hundreds of thousands to one or two million yuan on the market.

In addition, this equipment has been a popular one in the past two years, and there is more than one manufacturer. There are imported, domestic, and middlemen. There are some differences in various aspects of the products. A comprehensive analysis is required before choosing. How much is the specific mobile stone crusher? For one unit, you can inquire online to find out the price, and the manager will provide it.


Mobile stone crusher video and advantages

Raw material size: ≤600mm

Design capacity: 200 tons per hour

Finished product specifications: 3-5-10-15-31.5mm

Project details: Jiaozuo New High Resistance technicians came to inspect the Shandong customer's site conditions and environment, and combined with the production needs, so these two pieces of equipment were configured to meet the customer's quality requirements for finished products, with full specifications, good grain shape, low needle and flake content, and impurities Less, better results.

There is no need to harden the cement foundation, and parking operations can be performed on a flat road surface, which shortens installation time and reduces infrastructure costs.

All circuits of the vehicle-mounted electronic control system have been connected and debugged before leaving the factory, and production can be started with just an external power supply on site.

The whole machine is integrated with a PLC control system. When arriving at the site, you only need to connect an external power supply to start production. After you prepare your own remote low-voltage accessories, you can control the day and night monitoring operations in the room.

The sealing of the fuselage has been strengthened, and auxiliary dust collection equipment and noise reduction devices have been added to meet the needs of green environmental protection.

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Complete list of mobile stone crusher models

The mobile stone crusher has an output of 40-650 tons per hour. The main machine can be configured according to needs, including jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, etc., including coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing, etc. They are used in different fields. The specific model parameters of the mobile stone crusher are as follows.

Tire impact crushing mobile crushing station