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Equipment configuration and quotation of 300 tons per hour sand and gravel production line

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1、300 tons per hour sand and gravel production line

Artificial sand and gravel can not only fill the gap of natural sand and gravel, but also have abundant sources  and are more affordable than natural sand. Therefore, in the past two years,  many customers have inquired about the artificial sand and gravel production line.  Here we take the output of 300 tons per hour as an example. , the specific equipment configuration and  quotation of the sand and gravel production line under this output are as follows:


production site

Equipment configuration of several sets of conventional sand and gravel production lines with an output of 300 tons per hour

Option One:

This is a very cost-effective gravel production line solution. The whole set is quoted at only about RMB 700,000-800,000.  The processing flow is very simple, the work efficiency is high, and the material discharging is also good.  It is a highly recognized sand and gravel production line configuration solution in China.

Processing materials: limestone

Production capacity: 250-300T/H (1m3=1.6T)

Discharge specifications: 0-5, 5-10, 10-20, 20-30mm

Equipment configuration: ZSW490×110 vibrating feeder, PCZ1610 hammer crusher, 4YK2870 vibrating screen, 

7 conveyors of different specifications

Work flow: The materials pass through the vibrating feeder and are evenly and directionally sent to the hammer crusher 

to complete the crushing process. The vibrating screen screens the finished materials, and the classification and impurity 

removal are carried out simultaneously to obtain sand and gravel materials of different specifications.


Configuration advantages:

The heavy hammer crusher is a type of crushing equipment that can achieve one-time feeding and molding.  It has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The finished materials  can be adjusted according to needs, with coarse, medium and fine complete specifications; no flakes,  No smooth body, multiple angles and multiple edges ensure positive compressive strength; the initial  crushing process of the jaw machine is eliminated, becoming a new model that can crush large and small  materials at one time, saving manpower and material resources, and is suitable for crushing various medium  hardness and brittle materials. Such as limestone, coal and other materials. Mainly used in cement, mining,  coal preparation, power generation, chemical industry and building materials industries.

Option II:

This is a high-standard sand and gravel production line configuration. The processed sand and gravel finished  products have high gradation, uniform grain shape and high smoothness, which can meet the production  requirements of sand and gravel in various high-end buildings; and the production line has stable  operation output, so it is prepared It is favored by owners of sand and gravel factories and stone quarries.


Processing materials: river pebbles

Output: 300T/H

Discharge particle size: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-31.5mm

Main equipment: 2 GZD-1100x4200 feeders, 2 PE-600x900 jaw crushers, 2 HPM3000 multi-cylinder cone crushers,  2 VSI-8518 vertical shaft impact crushers, 2 2YK1545 vibrating screens, 2 4YK1548 vibrating screens Taiwan,  3 XSD3016 sand washing machines Auxiliary equipment: belt conveyor, the quantity and length need to be determined according to the  actual conditions of the working site.


Configuration advantages:

Jaw crusher + cone crusher is a commonly used configuration solution in crushing production lines, 

especially suitable for materials with high abrasion index. Not only can it create products with good  shape and small amounts of fine powder, but it can also increase the creation rate of coarse-grained  aggregates. What's more important is the low consumption of wearing parts! This system is based on the jaw crusher + cone crusher system and adds an impact crusher to form a  three-stage crushing. The function of the impact crusher is to reshape the crushed stone aggregates,  and at the same time, it can further break stones, melon seed flakes, stone powder, etc. into machine-made sand.

In addition to the advantages of the jaw crusher + cone crusher system, this combination can also 

produce machine-made sand and improve the particle size and quality of the gravel. The disadvantage

 is that the first-level crushing equipment is added, the initial investment is increased, and the total investment is high.


The above are only represented by limestone and river pebbles, and the configuration scheme is also 

applicable to other ores with the same hardness. In addition, due to differences in the naming and 

technical information of equipment from different manufacturers, the product types and models listed

 in this article are for reference only. If you have any questions about this, please consult us in detail.