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How much does a large jaw crusher 1200x1500 weigh? Large jaw crusher models and parameters

Release time:Mar.22.2024 Views:0

The large jaw crusher 1200x1500 is a larger model among the PE jaw crushing equipment. 

The feed inlet size of the machine is 1200×1500mm, the maximum feed particle size can reach 1020mm,

 and the hourly production capacity is 400-800 tons. 

It is mostly used in gravel operations such as large-scale sand and gravel plants and stone quarry plants.

 This article mainly introduces the main information about the weight, model parameters and other related 

equipment of this large jaw crusher 1200x1500. The details are as follows:


How much does a large jaw crusher 1200x1500 weigh?

The general weight is 100.9 tons

The 1200×1500 jaw crusher is mainly composed of a fixed jaw plate, a movable jaw plate, a frame, 

an upper and lower guard plate, an adjusting seat, a movable jaw tie rod, etc. Its total body weight is 

approximately 100.9t, which not only includes the equipment Its own weight also includes the weight

 of the matching motor (the optional motor for the large jaw crusher 1200x1500 is 8P 160-245KW). 

Users can carefully check the equipment assembly instructions when purchasing! 

However, one thing needs to be explained. 

The difference in raw materials used by different manufacturers will lead to different weights, 

so the specifics need to be subject to actual conditions.


1200x1500 jaw crusher model parameters

In addition to paying attention to the output, weight, and size of the motor of the large jaw crusher 1200x1500, 

when purchasing equipment, we also pay special attention to the details of the 1200x1500 jaw crusher parameters, 

such as feed particle size, discharge particle size, and overall dimensions. Specifically, 

1200x1500 The parameters of the jaw crusher are as follows and can be customized. Please call us for consultation!

1200x1500 jaw crusher parameters

Feeding port size  :1200×1500mm

Feed particle size  :≤1020mm

Discharge particle size :150-350mm

Eccentric shaft speed :180r/min

Overall dimensions :3380×2870×3330mm

Weight : 100.9 tons

Large jaw crusher 1200x1500 price information

Due to the different workmanship and material selection of different manufacturers, the price quotations of 1200×1500 jaw crushers in the market are also different. However, no matter the difference, the cost quotation of this large 1200×1500 jaw crusher is also higher than Small 46 or 69 jaw crusher, because the 1200×1500 jaw crusher is large and uses a lot of materials! Based on past customer purchase feedback, it is roughly estimated that the market price of a 1200×1500 jaw crusher with this specification is at least 200,000 yuan.