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How to produce machine-made sand that can replace river sand?

Release time:Mar.17.2023 Views:0

Are we already familiar with machine-made sand replacing river sand? We have been saying that river sand resources are exhausted, resources are banned, and the development of machine-made sand has become inevitable. Also understand the market trend and development prospects of machine-made sand. But if you want to replace river sand with machine-made sand, it is not a simple matter. If machine-made sand is used to replace river sand, machine-made sand must have better quality. So how do we produce machine-made sand that can replace river sand?


1. The quality of raw materials

The quality of machine-made sand depends on the quality of raw materials on the one hand. There are many types of raw materials that can be used to produce machine-made sand, such as granite, basalt, cobblestone, bluestone, limestone, etc. There are tailings, construction waste and other solid waste. Different ores have different hardness and strength, and the processed sand is also different. However, the above-mentioned raw materials are commonly used materials. As long as the appropriate sand making equipment is selected, they can be used to replace river sand.


2. How to choose a sand making machine?

The quality of machine-made sand has a lot to do with the sand making machine used. If you choose a sand making machine with good effect, the produced machine-made sand has good shape, uniform size and good quality. So how to choose a sand making machine?

(1) Look at the quality of the sand making machine

A good-quality sand making machine is not prone to problems during the production process, the service life of the wearing parts is longer, and the production life of the equipment is also longer.

(2) Look at the production efficiency of the sand making machine

The production efficiency of the sand making machine determines the production output. Production efficiency refers to the ratio of the input and output of the sand making machine. It is not that the sand making machine with higher output is better, but depends on the crushing ratio.

(3) Look at the sand making machine manufacturer

The manufacturers of sand making machines in the market are uneven, so it is extremely important to choose a manufacturer with a good reputation. It is the guarantee of your equipment quality and production efficiency.