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What are the process options for sand and gravel aggregate production?

Release time:Apr.20.2024 Views:0

Sand and gravel aggregates are indispensable and hugely used raw materials for construction projects such as national roads, bridges, water conservancy and urban facilities.(stone crusher) With the rapid development of the sand and gravel industry, domestic sand making technology has become increasingly mature, and the optimization of aggregate production system processing technology has attracted more and more attention from all walks of life. At present, my country's sand and gravel aggregate production technology is mainly divided into dry method and wet method. It combines three production processes: method and dry and wet method.

How to choose the three production processes specifically? Xingao Nai Heavy Industry puts forward the following suggestions:

The first is to pay attention to the geological exploration of parent rock mines; the second is to combine the resource conditions of the project location, including ore resources, water resources, land resources, climate conditions, etc.; the third is to base on the specific downstream requirements for sand and gravel aggregate quality, Including stone powder content, fineness modulus, etc., because different projects have different requirements for the shape, mud content, solidity, stone powder content, mud content, etc. of sand and gravel aggregates.


Sand and gravel 3

In the early design of a new sand and gravel aggregate production line project, the water supply situation and water resource protection and management should first be considered. When other conditions permit, the dry process is preferred, followed by the dry-wet combined process. If the product does not meet the requirements, The wet production process will only be considered when the market or project construction requires it.

Secondly, based on the geological occurrence of the parent rock, the overburden, weathered layer and fissured soil, combined with local climate conditions, water resources and market requirements for products, we determine from the aspects of capital investment, equipment management, automation level, floor space, production of finished sand Considering all aspects such as the unit cost of stone aggregates, the dry production process is given priority, followed by the dry-wet combined method, and finally the wet process is considered.

For parent rocks with more complex geological conditions, it is recommended to use a combination of dry and wet processes to produce machine-made sand and gravel (that is, some dry processes and some wet processes). This not only overcomes the impact of climatic conditions on production quality and efficiency, reduces the adverse effects of production water consumption and flocculants on concrete, but also ensures full utilization of mineral resources and the reasonable gradation and stone powder content of machine-made sand.


Machine-made sand process

Regardless of whether the machine-made sand and gravel processing adopts dry method, wet method or combined dry and wet method, the main equipment for crushing, screening and shaping sand making is almost the same. Crushing processing equipment is generally: feeder - coarse crushing equipment - medium crushing equipment - screening equipment - sand shaping equipment - screening equipment - sand washing/fine powder separation equipment.

Xingao Nai Heavy Industry has always adhered to the energy-saving and efficient stone production model and the development concept of intelligent and environmental protection. In order to accelerate the development of the sales market in the reform of the intelligent sand and gravel aggregate production line technology, further improve the quality of the complete set of stone production line crushing equipment and comprehensive competition. With the strength of Xingaonai Heavy Industry, under the comprehensive improvement of the stone crushing system, Xingaonai Heavy Industry has made every effort to develop a higher-performance intelligent sand and gravel aggregate production line. The green development concept runs through the entire design process of Xingaonai Heavy Industry's sand and gravel production line, which can effectively meet the needs of enterprise systems. Maximize the sand effect, production efficiency and environmental protection benefits.