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What equipment is used to process rough stone into gravel?

Release time:Mar.30.2024 Views:0

Rough rocks are irregularly shaped rocks formed after blasting or manual excavation. In short, they are rocks that have just been mined. In recent years, the shortage of sandstone resources and the increase in sandstone prices have led to the promotion of machine-made sand in many areas. Processing large pieces of rough stone into gravel for use in construction, highway and other industries can not only solve the "sandstone crisis", but also achieve sustainable development. The utilization value of rough stone is obvious, so what equipment is used to process rough stone into gravel? How much investment is required? Here are the answers for you:


Rough gravel production site

1、Jaw crusher for coarse crushing

This machine adopts the working principle of extrusion crushing. It has a deep crushing cavity with no dead zone, large feed particle size and high throughput. The flywheel design effectively reduces vibration, makes the operation more stable, and increases the output by 40%. It is well received by customers.


Coarse crushing jaw crusher

2、 For medium crushing, use counterattack or cone crushing.

Impact crusher and cone crusher are both commonly used medium crushing equipment. Impact crusher is mainly used to crush stones with medium hardness and below. It has optimized structural design, excellent finished product particle shape, good shaping effect, stable and reliable operation, and is generally applicable. For smaller stone factories; the cone crusher adopts the extrusion crushing working principle, hydraulic control technology, and a combination of multiple cavity types to adapt to various particle size requirements. The rolling mortar wall does not require fillers, and replacement is quick and convenient. The wearing parts have high wear resistance. Strong and long service life;


impact crusher


cone crusher

3、Finely broken by impact

This machine has the dual functions of shaping and making sand, so the processed sand has excellent grain shape and high quality, and the discharge particle size is adjustable to meet the different needs of users. Moreover, the sealing performance of the equipment has been strengthened, and there is an air self-circulation system, which has the function of reducing sedimentation and noise, and is equipped with dust collector and other facilities to avoid the generation of dust and noise during operation.


impact crusher

It is reported that the starting price of coarse crushing jaw crusher in the market is 10,000 yuan, and the starting price of counterattack crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher is 50,000 yuan. Of course, this is only a reference starting price.