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What are the commonly used crushing machines for gravel crushing?

Release time:Mar.25.2024 Views:0

What are the commonly used crushing machines for gravel crushing?

Crushing machinery commonly used for gravel crushing:

1、Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher, also known as jaw crusher, is a coarse crusher equipment with a deep cavity and no dead space, making it less likely to be blocked. The flywheel design effectively reduces vibration, makes the operation more stable, and increases the overall output. It has a gasket type The discharge port adjustment device makes the operation more convenient and can be suitable for crushing various stone materials.


2 、impact crusher

The impact crusher adopts the impact crushing method, and the force is used to crush the stone along the grain. The finished product produced has fewer internal cracks and high gradation. The entire equipment has simple structure, small size, low energy consumption and high production capacity. But one thing is that its plate hammer and impact block are easy to wear and are not suitable for breaking hard stones.


3 、cone crusher

The cone crusher adopts the laminated crushing principle and is suitable for crushing high-hardness and highly abrasive stones. The fully automatic control system of PLC + touch screen ensures the safe operation of the equipment. It combines multiple cavity types to adapt to various particle size requirements. It is often used in some large gravel processing plants.


4 、mobile crusher

Mobile crusher is an upgraded product of traditional fixed crusher. This equipment eliminates the obstacles of the production site, environment, and basic configuration to customers' crushing operations. It can be transferred at any time and flexibly configured. It is currently sought after by users of stone processing companies.