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Material application


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The processing of basalt is divided into three stages: coarse crushing by jaw crusher, medium and fine crushing by impact crusher or cone crusher, and sand making and shaping by sand making machine.

The first stage: coarse crushing

The bulk basalt materials are uniformly fed by the vibrating feeder through the silo and transported to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing. After the coarsely crushed materials are screened by the vibrating screen, they are transported by the belt conveyor to the impact crusher or cone crusher. The crusher performs fine crushing.

The second stage: medium to fine crushing

The basalt transported to the impact crusher/cone crusher is medium-finely crushed and then screened using a circular vibrating screen. The larger particles are returned to the impact crusher/cone crusher for crushing again.

The third stage: sand making

The crushed basalt is sent to the sand making machine for further crushing and shaping. If clean basalt is needed, it can be sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning.


Basalt, the main component of oceanic crust, is a basic volcanic rock. The main components of basalt are silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, iron oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide (and a small amount of potassium oxide, sodium oxide), among which silicon dioxide has the largest content, accounting for about 45% to Fifty or so. Basalt has a wide range of uses, and its application is not limited to the construction industry. It is the best material among the stones used to repair roads, railways, and airport runways. It has strong compression resistance, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, and asphalt stickiness Adhesive basalt, basalt has the advantages of wear resistance, less draft, poor electrical conductivity, strong compression resistance, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, asphalt adhesion, etc., and is internationally recognized. It is the development of railway transportation And the best cornerstone of road transport.

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