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Material application

Aluminium ore

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Processing technology

Aluminum is a reactive metal, easily oxidized when exposed to air, and exists in nature mainly in the form of compounds, which are usually obtained by refining bauxite ores rich in hydrated alumina. Here we mainly introduce the processing process of bauxite ore in detail:

The processing and production process of bauxite ore mainly includes four stages: calcination, crushing, grinding and finished product packaging.

The first stage: calcination

Raw materials are sent to the calcining furnace for high temperature calcining, and some of them can also be carried out by drying.

The second stage: crushing

The calcined material is broken by a jaw crusher and then fed into a bauxite mill.

The third stage: grinding

After the crushing material enters the mill production system, the entire grinding, grading and other operating processes are automatically completed in the mill, and the operator should pay close attention to the instrument data of the electric control cabinet.

The fourth stage: finished product packaging

The qualified bauxite powder is released by the discharge valve to pack the finished product.


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