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Material application


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The processing of pebbles is divided into three stages: coarse crushing by jaw crusher, medium and fine crushing by impact crusher or cone crusher, and sand making and shaping by sand making machine.

The first stage: coarse crushing of pebbles

Large river pebbles are uniformly fed by the vibrating feeder through the bin and transported to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing. After coarse crushing, the river pebbles are screened by the vibrating screen and transported by the belt conveyor to the impact crusher or cone crusher for fine crushing.

The second stage: Finely broken pebbles

After the river pebbles transported to the counterattack/conical break are crushed in the medium, the round vibrating screen is used for screening, and the larger particles of the river pebbles are returned to the counterattack/conical break and broken again.

The third stage: pebble sand making

The broken river pebbles are sent to the sand making machine for further crushing and shaping. If the river pebbles need to be clean, they can be sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning.


Pebble is a silicate mineral with hard texture, wear resistance and stable chemical properties. Natural river pebble ore is produced into river pebble sand after a series of processes such as crushing, sand making, and screening. River pebble sand is an important Industrial mineral raw materials. Widely used in water conservancy and hydropower engineering, high-grade highways, expressways, high-speed railways, passenger lines, bridges, airport runways, municipal engineering, high-rise building sand production and stone shaping. River pebbles are also widely used as aggregates for concrete. River pebbles are rich in resources, with relatively low collection costs and high application value.

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