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How to estimate the investment cost of sand and gravel production line?

Release time:Mar.20.2023 Views:0

The investment cost budget of the sand and gravel production line varies greatly due to different raw materials and production scales. When estimating the investment cost of the sand and gravel production line, the key factors are raw materials, infrastructure construction, equipment configuration, production capacity, market supply and demand, and manufacturer strength. operations and many other factors.


Production capacity

Even for the same type of gravel production line, as long as the output requirements are different, the equipment models configured will be different, so the price investment will naturally be different. Relatively speaking, the higher the production capacity of the sand and gravel production line, the higher the price, but the economic benefits created for the enterprise will also be greater. Users should choose according to their own conditions and must not be blind.


Infrastructure includes standardized factory buildings, closed storage warehouses, comprehensive environmental protection facilities, and roads, water supply and drainage, power supply and distribution, and office and living facilities in the factory area, all of which are closely related to investment costs.

Device Configuration

The requirements for processing raw materials and finished products are different, and the equipment configuration is different. It usually includes the cost of a complete set of equipment such as feeding, crushing, sand making, shaping, screening, powder selection, etc. Different equipment configurations require different investment costs.


Manufacturer strength

The equipment prices of small manufacturers are low, but the equipment quality and after-sales service are not guaranteed. If the equipment is repaired frequently in the later period, or even the equipment needs to be replaced, it is not a small investment. The equipment prices of large manufacturers may be slightly higher, but the quality and after-sales are guaranteed. It is necessary to know that there is an inevitable relationship between investment costs and use costs. The equipment of large manufacturers is of good quality, naturally low maintenance costs, and long service life. In terms of cost performance, it is better to choose equipment from large manufacturers.

Market supply and demand

Changes in the market supply and demand of equipment will cause fluctuations in the investment cost of the sand and gravel production line. When the supply of equipment is lower than the demand, it means that there are fewer manufacturers and there is no great worry about competition. At this time, manufacturers will appropriately raise prices within the scope of national macro-control, and the investment cost will naturally be high.

Post operation

Operating costs generally include: worker wages, water and electricity charges, maintenance of wearing parts, replacement costs of wearing parts, etc. These costs should also be considered when estimating.