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River sand, washed sand, machine-made sand

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River sand

River sand is a non-metallic ore with rich resources, complex composition, smooth surface and high impurity content. With people's long-term mining, the river sand has become more and more barren. A comment published in the British "Nature" magazine in 2019 stated that the mining speed of sand and gravel has exceeded the speed of its natural recovery.

River sand is sedimentary sand on the river beach, and its color is called off-white or off-white, which consists of fine sand, medium-coarse sand, coarse sand, and gravel layer and gravel layer. The occurrence of river sand is in the direction of the river bed, the surface layer slopes from the river bank to the river bed, and tends to slope from upstream to downstream.

Features: The apparent density of river sand is 2580kg/m3, the bulk density is 1569kg/m3, the fineness modulus is 2.89, the soil content and impurities are small, and the mud content is 1.34%. River sand has the characteristics of hard texture and clear color. It is often used in various dry powder mortars, such as thermal insulation mortar and plastering mortar, and plays an important role in decoration.

Washed sand

Washed sand is a kind of natural silica sand. The source is generally sand from river courses or old river beds. After washing and grading, the mud content (mass fraction) is ≤1.0%, and different grades of sand are separated. The specifications of washed sand are 4-8 mesh, 8-16 mesh, 16-30 mesh, 30-60 mesh, 40-70 mesh, 70-100 mesh, etc. Its production equipment is mainly sand washing machine, and the cleanliness of the finished product can be controlled according to the requirements of users.

Features: hard, wear-resistant, stable chemical properties, through hydraulic grading and desliming, a reasonable particle size ratio can be achieved, and the mud content can be reduced to less than 0.7%. After intense washing process, the washed river sand can be greatly improved Reducing weathering of pavers, it is an ideal paving material when compacted to form a strong yet flexible foundation. Washed sand also has many other applications, such as being mixed with gravel and cement to make concrete, and it can also be mixed with garden soil to improve drainage and help plants thrive.


Machine-made sand

Manufactured sand is processed by mining machinery. Its raw materials are various ores, such as limestone, river pebbles, granite, etc. The raw materials are abundant and easy to get.

Commonly used processing equipment includes: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher/impact crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screening machine, dust collector, conveyor, screening machine, etc. It can process all kinds of rocks within 1500 mm.

Finished product: according to the user's requirements and the nature of the raw material, it is processed into machine-made sand with different particle sizes through the production process, so as to better meet the demand for construction sand.

Features: Due to the particularity of its material, the machine-made sand is clean, without mud and other harmful substances; the performance is relatively stable, and the particle size and output are controllable; the impermeability, frost resistance and durability are higher than natural sand much.