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Regular meeting of sales department in December 2022

Release time:Jun.06.2022 Views:0

On December 3, Feng Yunpeng, general manager of the sales department of Xin Gao Nai Heavy Industry, and all sales staff attended the monthly routine meeting. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Feng, the general manager of sales. The meeting pointed out that all sales personnel need to communicate and communicate with various departments of the company to make the future work of the sales department more standardized and reasonable; each sales personnel will report on the work content in November and analyze Problems existing in the work, put forward improvement measures: 1. The relationship should be followed up. 2. Know the product well. 3. The information should be extensive. 4. The thinking should be flexible; at the same time, many marketing policies beneficial to the company were put forward at the meeting. Mr. Feng took the lead to form a unified marketing idea and plan within the department, and do a good job in the sales task in December.


Xingaonai is a professional gravel aggregate production line design and equipment manufacturer, providing customers with production line equipment with high performance, safety and environmental protection, and reasonable supporting equipment, as well as a full range of production line design and construction plans. In the research and development of the production line and the overall configuration plan, Zhengzhou Xingaonai Heavy Industry has always followed the development concept of efficient stone production mode and intelligent environmental protection. In order to speed up the development of the sales market in the reform of the production line process, and further improve the quality and comprehensive competitiveness of the complete set of crushing equipment for the stone production line, Xin Gao Nai Heavy Industry has made every effort to develop a more intelligent high-performance crushing system under the comprehensive improvement of the stone crushing system. Sand aggregate production line.


It has sufficient competitive market ability in the reform of stone production. It uses heavy hammer crusher as the vanguard force to hit the open sales market. It adopts foreign advanced casting technology, has efficient and excellent production capacity, low investment and maintenance costs and Energy-saving and environmentally friendly high-tech, this is the highlight of the equipment in this production line.

It is believed that with the support of such excellent crushing equipment, combined with the rich experience in the design and manufacture of sand and gravel aggregate production lines of Xingao Heavy Industry, it will become the most beneficial assistant for the reform of construction sand and gravel production.