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Can manufactured sand replace natural sand? What sand making machine is best to use?

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Sand is an important material required for modern buildings and highway construction.(stone crusher) Natural sand refers to original rock particles with a particle size of less than 5mm formed by natural conditions. Depending on their origin, it is mainly divided into river sand. Sea sand and mountain sand.

After all, natural sand is limited. With the over-exploitation of natural sand and the shortage of supply, machine-made sand has emerged. It refers to rock particles with a particle size less than 4.75mm after mechanical crushing. It is mainly divided into granite sand and pebble sand. , limestone sand making, construction waste sand making, etc.

Driven by my country's huge infrastructure construction volume, policy and environmental protection awareness, and the gradual depletion of natural sand in the market environment, my country's market demand for machine-made sand and gravel aggregates is extremely considerable. At present, many concrete and mortar companies have begun to Manufactured sand is used instead of natural sand in production, and good economic benefits have been achieved.


River sand machine-made sand

The main reason why the manufactured sand market is becoming more and more popular is that manufactured sand can make up for the shortcomings of natural sand. Compared with natural sand, manufactured sand has the following advantages:

Wide range of raw materials: There are sufficient raw materials for machine-made sand. It can be said that machine-made sand can be produced wherever there are stones. Crushed gravel tailings, stone chips, slag, mine tailings, etc. can be used as raw materials for machine-made sand. Through sand making machines and other supporting equipment The equipment is processed into sand and can reuse urban construction waste (construction waste) to create a circular economy. Natural sand requires long-term water flow impact to form, and the formation period is longer. Therefore, in the long run, the supply of natural sand is not as good as that of manufactured sand.

Uniform material: Artificial sand is generally made from artificially selected raw materials. The mineral composition and chemical composition are consistent with the raw materials and are not as complicated as natural sand.

Adjustable fineness: The fineness mode can be controlled between 2.6 and 3.0 according to customer needs. Human factors are controlled according to the production process. The adjustment is free and easy, which is something that natural sand cannot do. And it can be processed into sand of different rules and sizes according to different process requirements.

High adhesion: The particle size of machine-made sand is irregular, which facilitates better adhesion when using cement for bonding. It is more resistant to pressure, can effectively improve the strength of concrete, and has a longer service life.

Comply with application standards: At present, although the sand standards in construction and other industries are constantly improving, the number of users investing in machine-made sand has not decreased, but is increasing. This further shows that the processing technology of machine-made sand has been fully mature, and the general standards comply with cement concrete, The application standards of asphalt concrete, mortar, etc. can meet the sand needs of most industries.

To sum up, machine-made sand is superior to natural sand, not only from the performance of the material itself, but also from the socio-economic factors and future market development. It is also the general trend for machine-made sand to replace natural sand.


Machine-made sand process.png

In addition, whether manufactured sand can replace natural sand also depends on the quality of the manufactured sand itself, and the quality of the manufactured sand is mainly controlled by the sand making machine. Only by selecting appropriate sand production equipment, establishing a reasonable machine-made sand production line, and using a more scientific method to produce high-standard machine-made sand can we better replace natural sand and be widely used in various large-scale projects and national infrastructure construction.

As for the choice of sand making machine, each sand making machine has its own scope of use. To say which sand making machine is better for processing machine-made sand, it still depends on the user's processing materials and output. By choosing the appropriate sand making equipment, the quality of the manufactured sand produced will be more efficient, the output will be greater, and higher economic benefits can be achieved.

According to the different needs of sand making operations, currently, there are two production methods for machine-made sand production lines, one is a fixed machine-made sand production line, and the other is a mobile sand making machine. The former is used for a single sand production operation on the production line site, while the latter is suitable for use in factories where materials are widely distributed or the environmental protection situation is very severe. It can meet the needs of quicksand production operations. Both production modes have corresponding equipment.

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