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Causes of unbalanced sand making machine rotor and how to adjust it

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Sand making machine is a commonly used key equipment in the machine-made sand process. It is usually used in the fine crushing and shaping stages of materials. The rotor is its core component.(Stone crusher) Generally, before leaving the factory, manufacturers will use an online dynamic balancer to add a counterweight to the rotor. To ensure the balanced operation of the sand making machine rotor. For example: According to industry standards, the impeller rotor balance grade of an impact sand making machine is G16.

750 vertical axis

750 vertical axis


If you want to solve the problem of the uneven rotor of the seconds machine, you need to go to the source and find out the crux, so that you can prescribe the right medicine and solve the problem more thoroughly.

It is understood that rotor imbalance is generally caused by the following three reasons: First, the production process of the manufacturer, whose casting level determines whether the rotor can operate in a balanced and stable manner. In other words, the quality of the rotor parts is poor. Caused by; second, poor assembly of the rotor or foreign matter on the surface of corresponding contact parts; third, caused by wear and deformation after long-term use.

If the rotor is unbalanced during operation, abnormal vibration of the equipment, low sand making efficiency, and reduced service life of the spindle assembly will occur. Therefore, during the production process, it is necessary to pay attention to the balance correction of the rotor (after the rotor repair work, such as after hardening treatment, or the machine has large vibration but the wear plate is in good condition, it is recommended to check the balance of the rotor) to ensure that the rotor is balance.

Vertical shaft rotor composition

Vertical shaft rotor composition.png

How to adjust

1. Clean the sand, gravel, old wear parts, etc. on the rotor and its accessories, and make sure it can continue to be used. If it cannot continue to be used, you need to replace the rotor first and then calibrate it;

2. Reinstall the wear-resistant parts and install the rotor on the balancing tooling;

3. Determine the unbalanced weight and position;

4. Check the balance of the balanced rotor again to ensure the effect of balance correction. (Rotate the rotor 90° four times. After each rotation of the rotor 90°, if the rotor no longer rotates up and down, it proves that the rotor is balanced)

New high resistance base picture

New high resistance base picture 1.jpg

In addition, in production, the top, inner and lower edges of the rotor of the sand making machine are places that are easily worn. Regular inspection and maintenance is very important. This can effectively prevent problems before they occur and avoid the occurrence of unbalanced rotors. High load production situation.

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