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How to improve the sand production rate of sand making machine?

Release time:Apr.08.2024 Views:0

The first two articles describe the factors that affect the sand production rate of the sand making machine from the perspective of the performance of the sand making machine and the characteristics of the raw materials for machine-made sand. (Stone crusher)Today we will talk about how to improve the sand production rate of the sand making machine. You can start from the following aspects:

750 vertical axis

750 vertical axis


Design a rational sand making production line plan: It should be considered based on processing requirements, production environment, equipment performance and other aspects. Not only the sand making machine must have reasonable production capacity, but also the crusher, sand washing machine, belt conveyor and other auxiliary equipment should be compatible with They should match each other and complement each other, otherwise it will affect the sand production rate of the sand making machine.

Choose appropriate high-quality sand making equipment: A sand making machine with excellent performance is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also has high production efficiency and can easily complete the expected output. However, different types of sand making machines have different sand production and energy consumption, so you should start from Model, feed particle size, output, specifications, applicable material parameters and other aspects should be considered comprehensively to choose the sand making equipment that suits your production needs. If you are not familiar with this aspect, you can choose to communicate with the manufacturer. Many manufacturers will provide customized sand making equipment. Customized business.

Observe the spindle speed and impeller speed: Appropriately increasing the crusher rotor speed (linear speed) can increase the sand production rate. If the sand making machine impeller speed is too low, it will lead to insufficient throwing speed, collision between materials or collision with the guard. If the impact force on the plate is not enough, the sand output will naturally be low.

Ensure matching working parameters: It needs to be adjusted according to the physical and chemical properties of the raw materials of machine-made sand. Only by ensuring a high degree of matching between the two, can the working performance of the sand making equipment be fully exerted, and the quality of the finished materials be better and the success The sand rate will be higher.

Reasonable feeding amount: It is helpful to extend the life of wearing parts. Continuous and even feeding can not only ensure normal production, but also improve the sand formation rate. When the feeding amount reaches 70%~90% of the impeller full load, the production The amount of sand reaches its peak.

Standard operation and regular maintenance: Some faults of sand making machine equipment are minor and may not be discovered temporarily, but they will affect the sand production rate of the sand making machine. Regular maintenance can detect these faults in time.

Choose a manufacturer with perfect after-sales service: The change in the sand production rate of the sand making machine may be caused by equipment failure. The reasonable way to deal with the failure of the sand making machine is to communicate with the manufacturer and let the after-sales technical engineer conduct debugging. Choose a manufacturer with perfect after-sales service. Save additional maintenance costs for users.

Machine-made sand

Machine-made sand 1


Choose materials with appropriate hardness, viscosity and size.

Strictly control the humidity of the material. If the humidity of the material is too high, sunlight or air drying can be used to reduce the moisture in the material.

Materials with a high content of fine powder should be screened in advance to screen out the fine powder from the material as much as possible to avoid affecting the work of the sand making machine.

If there are no special needs, just set the fineness of the machine-made sand to medium fine.

New high resistance base picture

New high resistance base picture 1.jpg

To sum up, in the production of machine-made sand, we must comprehensively consider the production conditions of the sand-making production line, pay attention to the purchase of appropriate sand-making equipment based on the characteristics of the raw materials of machine-made sand, carry out reasonable production line plan design, and perform daily maintenance, so that Only in this way can we have better production efficiency.

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