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The impact of the performance of the sand making machine on its sand production rate

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Due to the increasing intensity of infrastructure construction, the demand for machine-made sand is also increasing day by day. In daily operations, some customers will encounter situations where the production capacity of the sand making machine is too low and the sand production volume is insufficient. The sand production rate of the sand making machine determines the production efficiency. In actual production, the performance of the sand making machine itself has a certain impact on its sand production rate.

PCK Series Sand Making Machine

PCK Series Sand Making Machine

In terms of sand making machine models, there are single-rotor sand making machines, double-rotor sand making machines, vertical shaft sand making machines, double-roller sand making machines, etc. These equipments have different working performances, and the sand making machines produced by each manufacturer There are certain differences in the machine models. The sand production volume and energy consumption of different models of equipment during operation are different. In addition, different mining machine manufacturers have different levels of mastery of the production technology of sand making machines, which will also lead to different performance of sand making machine equipment. The following aspects are the factors that affect the sand production rate of the sand making machine:

VSI Series Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

VSI Series Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Impeller speed: For sand making machines, the speed is inversely proportional to the throughput, and has a square relationship to the energy-rich material. The higher the speed, the lower the throughput. For example, if the speed is increased by 50%, in fact, the material The energy content is increased by 2.5 times.

Working parameters: The type and specifications of the sand making machine, whether the installed power is reasonable, the rotation speed adjustment range, the size of the ore discharge port and the structural form of the crushing chamber all have a great impact on the crushing efficiency. For example, for vertical shaft impact crushing, the "stone-on-stone" cavity type has a better grain shape and is suitable for shaping, while the "stone-on-iron" cavity type has a slightly worse grain shape but high crushing efficiency.

Production line design: An efficient sand-making production line not only requires high-efficiency sand-making equipment, but its coarse crushing, medium crushing, screening, washing equipment, etc. must meet the production capacity requirements and must match them. If a certain link cannot meet the requirements, The required crushing ratio will inevitably put pressure and constraints on the next level of crushing, which will increase system failure points, reduce its operational reliability, and ultimately lead to a decrease in the sand output of the sand making machine.

Operation and maintenance: Improper operation of the sand making machine and lack of regular maintenance is likely to accelerate the wear rate of the equipment's wearing parts and reduce the service life of the equipment or the sand production rate of the equipment. For example: whether the feeding is continuous and uniform, whether the maximum feeding particle size and feeding amount are appropriate, whether the iron is too high, whether the return oil temperature is normal, whether the wear of wearing parts and bolt fixings are regularly checked, etc., these are all critical to the sand making machine. Sand production rate has a certain impact.

There are various types of sand making equipment on the current market. As mentioned above, its production capacity is closely related to the equipment itself, operation and maintenance conditions, and the configuration of the production line. Users should compare more when purchasing in the early stage and choose a formal and powerful manufacturer for planning and design. production line and select appropriate sand making equipment.

New high resistance base picture

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