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How to estimate the investment cost of a sand and gravel production line, and what factors need to be considered?

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Let’s take a hot example in the sand and gravel industry.(Stone crusher) A machine-made sand production line with an hourly output of 300 tons can run for 10 hours a day and can produce 3,000 tons of machine-made sand per day. If the conservative price of a ton of machine-made sand is about 100 yuan, the daily output is 3,000 tons. This means that the daily operating income can reach 300,000. Although the above examples may seem exaggerated, they are enough to illustrate the popularity of the machine-made sand and gravel market.

Coupled with the constraints of natural sand mining, the crackdown on illegal sand mining, environmental protection inspections and other major environmental impacts, and artificial sand has more advantages than natural sand in all aspects, the demand for machine-made sand and gravel aggregates has only increased. The development prospects are broad.

The market is hot and has broad prospects. How can it not attract capital investment from all parties? So if you invest in a sand and gravel production line, how to estimate the investment cost and what factors need to be considered?

The investment cost budget of a sand and gravel production line varies greatly due to different raw materials and production scale. The actual cost varies greatly. When estimating the investment cost of a sand and gravel production line, it is mainly affected by raw materials, infrastructure construction, equipment configuration, production capacity, market supply and demand, and manufacturer strength. Later, Influenced by many factors such as operations.


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Raw materials

Whether the hardness of the raw materials to be crushed is large or small, the market is down or rising, and the price is high or low (the cost of raw material procurement is related to the region and material. If you have your own mine, you don’t need to consider the price). These raw material-related factors are part of the investment cost. All will affect users and cause different investment in sand and gravel production lines.

Production capacity

Even for sand and gravel production lines of the same type, as long as the output requirements are different, the equipment models configured will be different, so the price investment will naturally be different. Relatively speaking, the sand and gravel production line with greater production capacity will be more expensive, but it will also create greater economic benefits for the enterprise. Users should choose according to their own circumstances and must not be blind.


Infrastructure includes standardized workshops, closed storage warehouses, comprehensive environmental protection facilities, as well as roads in the factory area, water supply and drainage, power supply and distribution, office and living facilities, etc., which are closely related to investment costs.

  Device Configuration

Different requirements for processing raw materials and finished products require different equipment configurations, which usually include the cost of a complete set of equipment such as feeding, crushing, sand making, shaping, screening, and powder selection. Different equipment configurations naturally require different investment costs.

Manufacturer strength

Equipment from small manufacturers is low-priced, but the quality of the equipment and after-sales service are not guaranteed. Frequent maintenance or even replacement of equipment in the future is a considerable investment. The price of equipment from large manufacturers may be slightly higher, but the quality and after-sales service are guaranteed. You must know that there is an inevitable relationship between investment cost and use cost. Equipment from large manufacturers has good quality, naturally low maintenance costs and long service life, so starting from the equipment Considering the cost-effectiveness, it is better to choose equipment from a large manufacturer.

Market supply and demand

Changes in the market supply and demand value of equipment will cause fluctuations in the investment cost of a sand and gravel production line. For example, when the equipment supply exceeds demand, the manufacturer will appropriately reduce the equipment price while maintaining the cost price, and the investment cost will naturally be low; conversely, when the equipment supply exceeds demand, the investment cost will naturally be low. When the supply of equipment is less than the demand, it means there are fewer manufacturers and there is not much concern about competition. At this time, the manufacturers will raise prices appropriately within the scope of national macro-control, and the investment cost will naturally be high.

Later operations

Operating costs generally include: worker wages, water and electricity bills, maintenance of wearing parts, replacement of wear-resistant parts, etc. These costs should also be considered when estimating.

Determined by the above factors, the investment costs of sand and gravel production lines are also different. The specific cost investment can be estimated based on the above aspects.


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