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A new start in 2023, with multiple benefits helping the sand and gravel market stabilize!

Release time:Apr.06.2024 Views:0

The huge demand in the sand and gravel industry, the high profits of the mining industry,(Stone crusher) and the increasing attention paid to the sand and gravel industry in recent years have led to the competent authorities formulating a series of policies to address the problems faced by the development of the industry. The originally fuzzy boundaries have gradually become clearer, and the constraints have also increased. It is constantly being solved, and various benefits have attracted a large amount of capital to enter the mining industry and lay out the sand and gravel aggregate sector.


750 production line

spring offensive

At the beginning of the spring of 2023, with the intensive debut of investment plans in many provinces and cities, the coordinated efforts of relevant favorable support policies, changes in epidemic policies, especially the start of major infrastructure and municipal engineering projects, the demand for sand and gravel may increase. The overall market may show signs of recovery, which will greatly stabilize confidence in the sand and gravel market and will also help promote the rapid development of the sand and gravel industry.

And according to incomplete statistics, the recent concentrated construction projects in various places plus planned investment projects have involved a total amount of more than 30 trillion yuan. How can such an "offensive" not detonate the demand for sand and gravel aggregates? Therefore, it is foreseeable that large-scale project investment is bound to It will drive demand for sand and gravel aggregates, benefit the release of regional production capacity, stimulate an increase in sand and gravel aggregate prices, and drive the sand and gravel aggregate market.


New high resistance base map

Development trend

At present, the sand and gravel industry is gradually standardized. Central and state-owned enterprises have deployed in the sand and gravel industry, and the number of ores they obtain is increasing. Sand and gravel are developing in the direction of intensification, large-scale, standardization, and greening. The industrial concentration degree reflects this to a certain extent. Competition and maturity of the industry.

In recent years, the development trend of the sand and gravel industry from stragglers to regular troops has become increasingly clear, and a number of leading companies have gradually emerged. Xin Gaonai Heavy Industry has been deeply engaged in the research and development and production of equipment required for sand and gravel production lines for decades. It is guided by market development needs, actively responds to environmental protection policies, thinks about customers’ thoughts, and addresses customers’ concerns. It has developed and launched a series of new environmentally friendly mines. Crushing and screening equipment, such as hammer crushers, roller sand making machines, and vibrating screens, can effectively assist many sand and gravel aggregate manufacturers in building high-quality sand and gravel aggregate production lines and improve corporate economic benefits.