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Reasons why the amplitudes on both sides of the vibrating screen are inconsistent and how to adjust the amplitude

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Amplitude is an important technical parameter of the vibrating screen.(Stone crusher) It affects the screening efficiency and production volume. However, we cannot directly observe the amplitude with our eyes and need to calculate it with a formula.

During the production process, if the amplitudes on the left and right sides of the vibrating screen are inconsistent, it will cause unbalanced force on the equipment, which may also lead to impenetrable sieves and low efficiency. In the long run, it will also cause damage to the screen box.

In order to avoid this phenomenon, amplitude stickers can be attached to the inlet end of the vibrating screen, the bottom of the exciter, and the left and right sides of the discharge end. Pay attention when the vibrating screen is started. When the amplitude difference between the two sides is within 0.5mm, it can still It meets the usage requirements, but if it exceeds 1mm, it will cause changes in the flow direction of the material and induce various failures. At this time, measures should be taken in time to adjust.


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The first reason for the inconsistent amplitude on both sides of the vibrating screen is: uneven feeding, because when the feeding is unevenly distributed along the width of the vibrating screen, it will cause the vibrating screen to be overweight, which will affect the amplitude, so it should be adjusted A good feeding chute ensures the uniformity of feeding materials.

The second reason is: parts are loose or deformed. When the universal coupling or flexible coupling between the two exciters is loose or deformed, it will also affect the amplitude of the vibrating screen. If it is only loose, tighten it in time. That's it. If it is deformed, you need to replace it with new parts according to the specific situation.

The third reason is: the use of the exciter exceeds the limit. After the vibrator is used continuously for more than 8,000 hours, it will cause wear of the bearings, resulting in inconsistent amplitudes on both sides. Therefore, regular attention must be paid to the vibrator before it reaches its service life. If the vibration exciter is in good condition, replace it with a new one in a timely manner and do not wait until problems arise to solve them.

The fourth reason is: the spring is used beyond the limit. The life of the rubber spring used to support the four corners of the vibrating screen is about 8000h~10000h, and the life of the metal spring is about 3000h~5000h. If damage occurs before the specified time, it may be It is caused by long-term overload use of the spring or its own quality defects. Therefore, in order to avoid causing more serious failures, when the spring has been used for the specified time or is overloaded for a long time, it should be replaced in time. Do not continue to use it opportunistically. If there is a problem with the quality of the spring itself, choose a large manufacturer when purchasing again. Products with guaranteed quality.

The amplitude of the vibrating screen is generally adjusted before leaving the factory. However, in the actual production process, sometimes based on some production requirements, the amplitude of the vibrating screen may not meet the requirements of screening operations. At this time, we need to adjust the vibrating screen. Amplitude is adjusted.

As for how to adjust the amplitude, before adjustment, you should first determine whether the amplitude of the vibrating screen can meet the requirements of screening operations when the vibrating screen is in working condition. If not, then adjust the amplitude. Turn off the power first when adjusting. Since changes in amplitude are related to many factors, the corresponding adjustment methods are also different.

As far as the vibration source is concerned, if a vibration motor is used, the excitation force can be changed by adjusting the eccentric angle at both ends of the motor shaft, thereby changing the amplitude. As the angle becomes smaller, the excitation force will become larger. The amplitude will also become larger. On the contrary, the included angle will become larger, the excitation force will become smaller, and the amplitude will also become smaller. If you choose a 6-level motor, the amplitude is usually around 5-8mm. If you use a 8-level motor, the amplitude is around 8-12mm.

If a vibrator is used, you can remove the shield on the vibrator, then rotate the balance weight on the exciter shaft to change the exciting force generated by the vibrator, and place the balance weight on the exciter part. At the same percentage position, and then lock the eccentric block, you can adjust the amplitude, and you can also increase or decrease the weight of the eccentric block for adjustment.

For shaft eccentric vibrators, the amplitude of the vibrating screen can be changed by increasing or decreasing the counterweights on the flywheel and pulley, or the amplitude can be adjusted by adjusting the frequency converter.

When adjusting the amplitude, please note that the amplitude of the vibrating screen should be adjusted according to the characteristics of the vibration source. The amplitude should be adjusted within the range allowed by the motor, and the adjustment amount of the vibration source (vibrator or vibration motor) on the vibrating screen must be Otherwise, the equipment may be damaged. During use, regular lubrication and bolt tightening must be done, which will promote the stability of the amplitude.

And in actual production, checking whether the amplitudes on the left and right sides of the vibrating screen equipment are consistent should be one of the key points of inspection to avoid other failures. In addition, you should also check whether the bearings are overheated, whether the bearing temperature exceeds 80°C, whether the rivets or bolts are loose, whether there are cracking points in the equipment, etc. When problems occur, timely measures should be taken to extend the service life of the components, and they should be done as soon as possible. Maintenance work to ensure smooth production.

The new high-end heavy-duty circular vibrating screen is riveted with the most advanced ring-groove rivets in the country (to avoid the existence of welding stress), and has a large-clearance bearing grease-lubricated vibrator. The structure is simple and reasonable, and the performance is stable and reliable. The exciter adopts an external eccentric Structure, the relative axis eccentric vibrator improves the excitation, reduces the weight of the exciter, and facilitates maintenance and replacement; the vibrating screen is supported by a rubber composite spring. Compared with metal springs, it has long service life, low noise, corrosion resistance, and The resonance zone is stable, the noise is low, and the impact on the foundation is small; the bearings and transmission shafts are made of Dalian Guangyang brand bearings and Steyr brand transmission shafts, which have more stable performance; the screens are made of high-quality high manganese steel and used Longer life.

It has the advantages of large processing capacity, good screening effect, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. It has been widely used in sand and gravel aggregate, metal mining, coal, chemical industry, electric power and other industries. It is suitable for feeding particles with a particle size of ≤200mm, and Various typical screening operations such as heavy, medium and fine screening with classification particle size of 3mm-70mm.