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Mining cone crusher model parameters and operating principles

Release time:Apr.02.2024 Views:0

There are many types of mining cone crushers. According to the hydraulic cylinder, they are divided into single-cylinder cone crushers and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers. These two types are more commonly used in mining construction sites; cone crushers can withstand greater crushing force and larger strokes, and with special crushing The cavity type can crush high-hardness stones, such as river pebbles and cobblestones, with a hardness of level 6 or above.


Single cylinder cone crusher S250, fine crushing operation


Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, medium crushing operation

There are many models and specifications of mining cone crushers, among which the 2200 cone crusher and the 1750 cone crusher are more popular among users. The feed port can pass stones of about 300mm. It is a two-stage medium crusher. It adopts laminated crushing technology. The crushed stone The needles are small and the material is discharged evenly;

2200 cone crusher: feed opening 100-300mm, discharge opening range: 5-60mm, processing capacity: 80-700t/h, matching motor: 8P 280-260KW;

1750 cone crusher: feed opening 85-215mm, discharge opening range: 5-50mm, processing capacity: 60-360t/h, matching motor: 8P 160KW;

The mining cone crusher adopts a multi-cavity crushing method. It only needs to replace the fixed cone to complete the secondary and fine crushing operations of stone. The crushing stroke, crushing speed and crushing cavity composition design increase the output by 35-60% compared with traditional old-fashioned crushing equipment. , suitable for large-scale mine crushing production and construction.


Cone crusher operating principle diagram