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The 2023 Indonesian Mining Exhibition of Xingaonai Group came to a successful conclusion

Release time:Oct.20.2023 Views:0

The four-day Indonesia Mining Exhibition 2023 has successfully concluded on September 16. As an important event in the global mining field and an influential mining event in Southeast Asia, it has attracted mining equipment manufacturers, technology providers and... Innovative solution providers not only provide exhibitors with an international platform to showcase their products and technologies, but also provide our major companies with opportunities to exchange cutting-edge technologies and expand business cooperation with global peers.


As one of the exhibitors, Xingaonai Group would like to thank all old and new friends for their presence and guidance, and also thank every customer for their trust and support in us. Next, let’s review the grand event with us!

At the exhibition site, there was an endless stream of customers who came to visit and negotiate at the Xingaonai Group's booth. Our booth was very popular and there were constant inquiries. Our team members at Xingaonai Group warmly received every consulting customer and patiently explained the characteristics of the product in detail. and industry applications, answer various questions raised by customers, listen carefully to customer needs, and do our best to help them choose appropriate equipment and solutions. Many customers have expressed strong interest in our professional technology and excellent application solutions, and also Express high recognition of our technology and products.

In order to expand international cooperation, further build the domestic mining brand, and enhance the competitiveness of our group in the global mining market, at the just-concluded Indonesian Mining Exhibition, we presented our new technologies, new equipment, and new concepts in the mining field to the audience. As well as intelligent mine management systems and green mine solutions in mineral resource development, production safety, environmental protection, etc., it fully demonstrates our diversified strength in the field of mine crushing, and through face-to-face communication with intended customers, we have met many potential partners, laying a solid foundation for future business expansion.