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Xin Gaonai Group’s 2022 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference concluded successfully

Release time:Jan.14.2023 Views:0

In order to summarize and analyze the business work in 2022, learn from experience, clarify ideas and determine the direction for the new business year that has arrived, set goals and work hard for them, and commend the outstanding backbones that have emerged and set examples . New Gaonai Group held its 2022 annual summary and commendation meeting on January 13, 2023.


At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Feng followed the theme of joy and took the lead in setting an example. He looked back, summarized and reviewed 2022, made a comprehensive explanation and comprehensive analysis of the work results in 2022, and affirmed the achievements in business work in 2022. At the same time, We also corrected the problems and shortcomings in the work, and carried out a comprehensive development plan and strategic layout for the business work in 2023.

Mr. Feng said: Goals are the lifeline of an enterprise. In 2023, we must still strengthen our confidence in development, insist on unchanged goals, keep a close eye on the annual goals and tasks, break them down into details, and implement them layer by layer. We hope that in 2023, when the real economy is about to recover, the group will Families remain true to their original aspirations and become each other's strongest arms, encouraging and relaying each other's support, firming up their beliefs and bravely starting over again to welcome 2023 together.

The business managers of each region gathered together to conduct an in-depth analysis of the market situation and challenges faced by their respective regions through the use of data. The leaders provided corresponding analysis and guidance. Everyone expressed their opinions, exchanged and shared work experience, and summarized the results. Experience and lessons have further enhanced cohesion and put forward respective ideas for clear development in 2023.


The regional managers who received the commendation all said that they would cherish the honor they received this time and use it as a spur to persevere bravely and work hard to give full play to the role of striving to be the first to achieve excellence and to catch up and surpass each other, and to unite sincerely. Let the group's people think in one place, work hard in one place, gather everyone's strength, and strive to fully complete the set business goals for 2023. Without sowing, there is no harvest; without hard work, there is no progress. The shortcut to success is introspection. I believe that commending the group’s advanced examples can inspire the passion of more key elites. With good equipment in hand, backed by a large group, and working hard, we also believe that the regional managers will lead Xingaonai Group to go faster and further with their "leader" attitude!


Time flies by, and the road traveled leaves the mark of time, and also contains the footprints of growth. The 2022 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference of Xingaonai Group has now come to a successful conclusion. Business diversification strengthens channels. Although there have been twists and turns due to the epidemic in 2022, business managers in various regions are still hardworking and forging ahead. They have kept walking and reaped numerous fruits, making all their efforts this year meaningful. ; The journey will continue for thousands of miles. In 2023, in order to realize the beautiful blueprint of new high-resistant heavy industry soft rock crushing and pioneer heavy industry hard rock crushing going hand in hand, I believe that business managers will still join hands to gather momentum, work hard, and have stronger fighting spirit!