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In terms of strength and effectiveness, look at XHP series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

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The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a good crushing effect on high-hardness ores. It can crush various hard ores and rocks into fine particles with strong pressure and ultra-high speed. It has high crushing efficiency and excellent product particle size. With significant advantages such as stable and reliable operation and fully automated control, it is one of the mainstream production equipment for the fine crushing process in the mining industry and plays an important role in industrial production such as metallurgy and mining.

1 Application fields of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.jpg

Application fields of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is suitable for crushing various ores and rocks with medium and above medium hardness, such as cobblestone, limestone, iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, basalt, granite, limestone, quartzite and sandstone, etc., and is widely used in Mining, construction, chemicals, transportation, water conservancy and other industries can meet the crushing needs of different industries, provide high-quality crushing effects, and help various industries achieve efficient production and resource utilization. According to feedback from many customers, XHP series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers from Xingaonai Heavy Industry have shown excellent performance in medium, fine and ultra-fine crushing operations.

2 Working principle of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.jpg

The working principle of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The working principle of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is mainly to drive the crushing cone to perform periodic axial reciprocating motion through the multi-cylinder hydraulic transmission system, so that the material at the lower end of the crushing cone is crushed by regular impact and extrusion force. The required materials fall from the swing gap of the crushing wall, and the remaining materials continue to be crushed until the discharge requirements are reached. The core components of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher include the crushing wall, support arm and adjustment device. These components work together driven by the hydraulic system to effectively ensure the smooth progress of the crushing operation.

The significant advantages of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The XHP series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has significant advantages among all mining crushing equipment. It is the first choice equipment for medium crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing operations. It can be called the hard rock nemesis.

3 Multi-cylinder multi-cavity structure.gif

Multi-cylinder multi-cavity structure

The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has multiple hydraulic cylinders distributed around the frame. This structure can crush multiple materials at the same time, greatly improving production efficiency. In order to meet different working conditions, the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is designed in a variety of ways. The same machine model can realize the exchange of coarse, medium and fine crushing cavity types of standard type and short head type. In addition, except for the different cavity types, most parts are exactly the same, which can effectively reduce the type and quantity of on-site spare parts. Reduce customer inventory costs.

Lamination crushing method

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers generally use an optimized laminated crushing chamber. Coupled with its large swing range, high swing frequency, and large bottom cone angle characteristics, it can achieve multi-particle laminated crushing. The materials formed by laminated crushing can be crushed. It has good shape and high strength, and does not need to be reshaped. It can be directly used by suppliers in mixed sites.

Hydraulic adjustment device

The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher uses hydraulic devices to realize its insurance, adjustment and locking. The hydraulic system can effectively ensure the safe operation of the equipment, and the advanced automatic control system makes the operation of the equipment simpler and more convenient, effectively reducing manual labor. intervention needs, while improving the accuracy and stability of operations.

Labyrinth seal structure

The seals between the moving cone and the eccentric sleeve, and the eccentric sleeve and the frame adopt U-shaped and T-shaped sealing structures to form a labyrinth seal. There is no friction between each other, and the sealing effect will not be affected by environmental changes, effectively reducing noise and Dust emission, dust prevention effect is good.

Some application cases of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

XHP series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher integrates many advanced technologies such as machinery, hydraulics, electrical, automation, and intelligent control. It is the company's cutting-edge trump card product. It is also the market-tested and good reputation in the field of medium and fine crushing at home and abroad. The high-quality equipment has exerted good application value in many user production sites.

XHP series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a new generation of high-efficiency cone crusher with the world's advanced level developed by Xingao Nai Heavy Industry. With the continuous advancement of technology and changes in market demand, XHP series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has been developed by Xingao Nai Heavy Industry. The crusher will continue to exert its excellent performance advantages in the future and develop in a more intelligent, efficient and environmentally friendly direction.

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