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The difference between vertical shaft impact crusher full center feeding and waterfall feeding sand making effect

Release time:May.10.2024 Views:0

The vertical shaft impact crusher is currently the mainstream sand making equipment on the market and is widely used in machine-made sand production. Its feeding methods are divided into two types: complete center feeding and center feeding with waterfall feeding, which can be freely switched according to production conditions. , and these two different feeding methods respectively correspond to different working conditions of the impact sand making machine. Under normal circumstances, the full center feed is mainly "stone hitting iron", which is used to make sand, while the center feed is accompanied by a waterfall The feeding is a combination of "stone against stone" and "stone against iron" for shaping.


In the operation of the vertical shaft impact crusher, full center feeding and waterfall feeding are the two main feeding methods, and each of them shows different characteristics and advantages. The difference in sand making effect between the two is mainly reflected in the following several aspects:

Impact force and fine crushing capacity: In the full center feeding mode, the material mainly enters the crushing cavity through the center of the crusher. The impact force is stronger and the stroke is farther. This makes the material impact the surrounding protective plate and the material layer of the surrounding protective plate. When the material is hedging, a hard landing is achieved, so this method performs well in fine crushing. As for waterfall feeding, after the materials are processed through the distributor or distribution plate, a part of them falls from both sides to form a material waterfall. Although the materials will also impact the surrounding protective plate or material layer after exchanging kinetic energy, because of the first The object of strong impact is the material waterfall, so it is regarded as a soft landing. Therefore, its fine crushing capacity is much lower than that of the full center feed.

Working status and efficiency: Due to the strong impact of the full center feed, when crushing some harder materials, the wear of the crusher may be increased, thereby shortening the service life of the equipment. In addition, its production efficiency is relatively low. Slow, because the flow and crushing process of materials in the crushing cavity takes a certain amount of time. In the waterfall feeding mode, the friction and impact times between materials increase, which will make the crushing effect more uniform, the crushing efficiency will be higher, and the production capacity will be greater.

Application scenario: The advantage of waterfall feeding is that its processing efficiency is high and it is suitable for large-scale production. In addition, because the material flows more uniformly in the crushing cavity, the wear of the equipment is relatively low, and the service life of the equipment can also be effectively extended. The service life is often used for the shaping of aggregates because it can reduce the degree of material fragmentation while improving the shape and quality of the product. However, if there is a high production demand for fineness, then the full center feed may be more suitable because it has stronger fine crushing capacity and higher sand formation rate, and is suitable for the processing of machine-made sand.


To sum up, the two feeding methods of full center feeding and waterfall feeding have their own characteristics. There are obvious differences in impact force, fine crushing capacity, working status and efficiency, and application scenarios. Therefore, in practical applications In this process, the appropriate feeding method should be flexibly selected based on production needs, material characteristics, equipment conditions and other factors to achieve the best production results and economic benefits.

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